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Remix: in this exercise, create a story, poem, song, or argument that utilizes at least 8 of the terms on the 1101 glossary of rhetorical terms for the infoquake, listed below:


1) "etymological"


2) "leet"

Nah, that's a boring definition. Check out these for the word Leet



3) "parataxis" - wiktionary entry. You can also jump to this link to

read more about the way linking creates new forms of thinking.


4) "grok"

Look at these for grok


5) "quotidian"


6) "arbiter"


7) "cewebrity internet celebrity

8) "polysemy"


9) "semantics"


10) Ksaun's definition of "hate"


11) Tino's definition of "heart"


12) JC's definition of "heart"


13) "equanimity"


14) "staccato"


15) "metaprogram"


16) "proselytize"


17) folksonomy (tagging)


18) enthymeme

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