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victorious maximus

Page history last edited by Vic Silva 15 years, 1 month ago

Aroldo Vic Silva


Photobucket : cremyojens


Email : no_cal995@yahoo.com

DeviantART : http://victoriousmaximus.deviantart.com/

vic: I'd love to see larger versions of the ink/circles/glass abstracts!


The Internets

Firefox Addons

Assignments And More

Vics Portfolio


Education Regulation


Background Sized Images Incoming

Ink and Metal



Works in Progress

Capstone Remix Final Project

Blank Walls, Blank Minds

Saber MSK

What you can do with 96 gallons of paint, and 35 open nights


- If you look closely at the circle in the center of the picture it shows Saber sitting on his piece, it just lets you get the true feeling of how HUGE this piece actually is.

Tie Memorial MSK Bomb


Stockholm Subway Stories - PMS Army

- This speaks for itself.

My Favorite Artist, Not Vandal but Artist.


Bodacious tags, bubbling over, I love it. Vic, have you ever checked out Rammelzee? He's a famous 70s/80s graffiti artist (and more--he also makes elaborate costumes informed by his tagging style),

he works on what McCloud might call "icons" and, sort of like Dr. Suess in "On Beyond Zebra," creates visual (but seemingly sonic!) icons designed to disrupt alphabetic culture. He wrote a manifesto called "Iconic Panzerisms," which maps out a literacy revolution via graffiti art, and gets cited as an Afrofuturist. Check it out! Perhaps you can make some more connections via wiki towards a capstone remix.



Thanks for posting that Firefox stuff. I downloaded it.. works great!


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