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Vics Essay

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I really like the prohibition stuff..  Nice touch!




- 4 Guns - "Regulation by Education"


As the saying goes, "Guns don't kill people, stupid people kill people". This is a perfect example on why the banishment of guns would be the absolutely wrong way to go about gun regulation. You argue that by allowing guns to be sold to any American citizen cause a percentage of crimes. This may be true, but do you honestly believe that the average citizen that shoots gun simply for the joy or sport is a threat to society? I think not. Criminals commit crimes, citizens do not. You do not need a gun to commit a crime, but you do on the other hand need a criminal. And because criminals commit crimes, this voids any chance of them buying a gun legitimately through a licensed dealer. Why? Regulation, so far regulation has made it more difficult for criminals to purchase guns legally which have forced them to find other means of purchasing weapons.


Now with that said, it's very obvious that regardless of how much regulation or even banishment we put on guns, criminals will still find a way to purchase weapons. Banishment only affects those law abiding citizens who have received the education, training, and have taken the responsibility of a gun owner. Why should these people be punished for the wrong doings of others? Others, as in the ones who purchase weapons with the intent to hurt and or kill? Why?


If there is one thing we can do to help decipher this problem , it's to look back at our history. In our history we have come over two different controversies, those two involving marijuana and alcohol. Anybody remember prohibition? Well what happened there? The banishment of alcohol, increased organized crime and indefinitely increased the crime rate. It's simple supply and demand, regardless of regulation. If I want something, I'm going to get it. Simple as that, I do not care of what means I have to overcome to get it, but I certainly will get it. If someone refuses to sell you something, you will find someone else who will. If there is a demand for a product, you can bet that there is also a supply.


So what if you did ban guns completely, what do you think would happen? Well I can tell you, citizens would lose their right to bear arms, and criminals..well criminals would still be criminals just now the average citizen has been stripped of a mean of self-defense.


- vic


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