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True Blogs

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First of all Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazing public speaker. One of my favorite radio stations is 88.5 and they aired one of his speeches one day, i'm sorry to say i don't know which one, but i just enjoyed listening to how amazingly articulate he is. Though he is a bit repetitive and i don't agree with his recurring reliances on religion to save the world

Anyway my three considerable passages were these:

1."Seldom do I pause to answer criticism of my work and ideas"

2."The Negro has many pent up resentments and latent frustrations, and he must release them"

3."Is organized religion too inextricably bound to the status quo to save our nation and the world?"






Right now we're all on the wiki together in the computer and i LIKE it. I just posted a page on Identity theft and 2 seconds later, somebody adds to it. I love it.


I love it too! Right now, Dr. Gresham, Dr. McCracken and yours truly (Dr. ShareRiff) are planning our teaching schedules for the NEXT 3 YEARS! Why are we planning so far ahead? Because, this way, we can lock in on both the best time and the best place to compose with students. Our hope: to always teach and write in the Florida Center for Teachers building, where each classroom has a seminar table, a projector and 25 computers. Yes!




Is anyone taking French besides me?

Free Food



i hate foreiqn lanquaqe. Was it really an identity fraud????


Tu as stupide. C'est fantastique. Suce ma bite! haha jk

and YES!! it was

p.s. don't look that last part up




So for my definition argument, i'm going to define what rastafarianism really is. I think most people have the misconception that it's all about smoking weed, but it has similarities to many of our religions.

I couldn't figure out how to use the Gimp so here's just an unedited picture to represent my definition argument





I couldn't really think of a way to thoroughly respond to this blog assignment so I thought I'd remix it a bit and just put up some lyrics I wrote that I believe contain some analogies.


You're an apple in a tree that's too high to pick

You're a roll of the dice I just can't predict

What am I supposed to do?

What am I going to do with you

You're an ordinary man with complicated features

and I teach you a lot but don't call me a preacher

Cause that's rude


That's all I have so far cuz i left my music book at my friends house but if you have any ideas for the second verse, lay 'em on me




Time to start working on my paper so I don't have to worry about it this weekend.


My thesis argument: Rastafarianism is not all about marijuana, that is just an aid in their meditation.




I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday that i hope i never forget.

So I went to Gasparilla on Saturday night, all excited about having an excuse to show my boobs. I went with my best guy friend, parker, and as soon as i flashed once, he wanted to leave. He was so angry at me and i couldn't understand why, so i was pissed right back at him , thinking he was in the wrong. I held this position until monday night when one of my good friends and Parker's roomate, Jake Kolosey, talked to me about it.

He started out by saying "Emily, what is the most attractive celebrity you can think of? Who do you look up to the most?"

And of course I said Hayley Williams, the singer of Paramore.

He then said " Imagine if Hayley went around showing off her body parts and had no respect for herself?"

And then it hit me like a freight train. If she did do that, I would lose all respect for her, I wouldn't be able to look at her the same. And then I realized that's exactly how Parker saw me now. So after I finally came to this realization, i texted Parker and apologized. We talked about it, and we're friends again, but now I have a whole different perspective on the concept of self-respect and respect for others.


I had a similar experience when Fugazi played Gainesville in 1989/90 or so. They played a small club and the place was packed on an extremely hot summer not. At the time I was seeing the best female skater in all of Gainesville, and, citing equal rights and the extreme heat up front by the stage, she removed her shirt for the duration of the show. We both learned a lot, but one thing that stayed with me is the importance of respecting others' rights to express themselves in any way they see fit. The part of me that wanted to control the behavior of others' dissipated a little bit more in this learning experience. -ShareRiff



Sorry i've been slacking.


Just because you can play guitar doesn't automatically mean you will be good at guitar hero because guitar hero has nothing to do with muscle memory.


I don't know if it's completely true but give me some feedback.




_Midterm Assessment_

Please read the description of the course goals as they are listed on the course website. Do you feel we are proceeding towards these goals? What is so far proving most useful? What would you change, and why?

Yes I feel that we are slowly getting better at reaching these goals. The most useful thing so far is the interaction and remixing. People have given me new ideas about my writing that i never would have thought of myself. The only thing I would change would be the blogging 3 times a week. I think it should be changed to 2 times a week because that's how many times we meet per week. It's easier to go home and blog about what we discussed in class than to do it on a day we haven't met.


What are you learning in class? What more do you think you could learn in class? How can class be structured to help you learn what matters to you?

I'm learning how to be very open-minded with my writing. I used to be shy when I wrote and tried to make it perfect but that's impossible to do without spouting out ideas first. I think I could learn a little more useful words to get my point across more efficiently. To help me learn what matters to me, maybe you could tweak the blog assignments to give a more personal response.


How do you define your responsibilities to this class? How are you living up to those responsibilities? What are your greatest contributions to class? What can you improve?

My responsibilities in this class are to keep up with the assignments and blogs and interact on the wiki. The only thing i'm slacking on is the blogs because the blog assignments don't interest me that much or they require work that my computer won't support. My greatest contributions to this class are just my personal opinions I gave regarding the points we have discussed on the wiki. I think I could improve on the length of my rebuttals.


How do you define my responsibilities as teacher of this class? Am I fulfilling those responsibilities? What more or different can I do to help you fulfill the work of this class?


What more or different can I do to help you understand the work I am asking you to do?


What suggestions do you have for how we can improve class, to help you learn more, and enjoy the class and the learning more? (you can bullet your list for easier reading)

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