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TigerPanda's Playground

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Welcome, to the Playground...__

It's for you... i think it's the devil




Your response to each question should be about 100-150 words.


Please read the description of the course goals as they are listed on the course website. Do you feel we are proceeding towards these goals? What is so far proving most useful? What would you change, and why?


What are you learning in class? What more do you think you could learn in class? How can class be structured to help you learn what matters to you? Learning how to take other peoples writings and put our own personal spin on it to reflect what we think on the matter without deviating too much from what the original person had said. While we do have blogging assignments, i don't find them all that interesting for some reason. I like to write fiction and would be cool if one of our assignments was perhaps a fiction story of any scope that we saw fit for us to write. The structure of the class is fine in the way that everything is presented and doesn't really need to be changed. Since we revolve around the wiki sometimes it just takes time and adjustment to get to it.

How do you define your responsibilities to this class? How are you living up to those responsibilities? What are your greatest contributions to class? What can you improve? To come to class, do the weekly blogging assignments and any other things that prof. trey gives us to do. Also, to contribute to other peoples works on the wiki. Im slacking on the weekly blogging assignments because of what i stated above in that they don't quite interest me enough to go on in length about those topics. I guess my narrative and my unique style of writing and the way i use it to remix others writings.


How do you define my responsibilities as teacher of this class? Am I fulfilling those responsibilities? What more or different can I do to help you fulfill the work of this class? To educate us to the fullest extent that you can while making it interesting and fun for us to do so. Well, maybe not fun sometimes but thats a great hope of mine. I believe you are fulfilling those responsibilities. Perhaps gear the assignments more to age group of things of interest. Now, to some that may seem like im saying to dumb it down, but im not. Just saying that some of these things don't affect our personal interests and while those shouldn't matter it often more then not affects how we perform in the classroom.


What more or different can I do to help you understand the work I am asking you to do? Nothing really. You spend class time talking to us about the blogging assignments and asks us if we have any questions, so you cover all the bases really well.


What suggestions do you have for how we can improve class, to help you learn more, and enjoy the class and the learning more? (you can bullet your list for easier reading) Other then a fiction story writing assignment, this class is pretty on par with what i care about was learning writing and such.

Random rant:

The past few days can be described by one of my favorite phrases very easily..."Shits weak!" Two good friends in the dorms haven't really been getting along too well then i drove one of the friends, Charlie, (hes my friend too lawl) to Applebee's to get drunk the other night. After him being sad and me trying to cheer him up....which is about 7-8 beers later, hes finally ready to head back to the dorms to sleep. Well, he quit smoking same time i did and the other friend trying to make amends offered him a cigar. I tried to stop him but eventually i said "whatever dude, its your cancer." and went into my dorm. Well, turns out that he got mad at the other friend who is named Taylor because he was wearing 2 different color socks and Charlie said "if it wasn't the socks, it'd be something else." and went on to say how they weren't friends anymore or something. So we went out drinking last night and one our friends, Sarah, invited Charlie without telling us til the last second. So Taylor gets pissed because he now hates Charlie and doesn't want to see him. Charlie and Taylor are both my friends so it made it difficult because i promised i'd drink with Taylor last night. We pretty much gave Charlie the cold shoulder the whole night and drank. Well today, another friend informs me that Charlie thought i was mad at him when i wasn't because i didn't respond to a text(had left my phone at the dorms). Then Sarah pretty much made me realize i was a douche bag last night by not going over to the other side of the restaurant to say "hi" to Charlie. Moral of the story: Having 2 friends hate each other sucks. =P

Some drawings I've done in my free time, some are more serious then others in the respect of technique and realism.


Gears of War





Atomos 1

Atomos 2

Jester Getaway



I reallllly like that protester drawing, nice job.

- v


Chaos Crazy

Some more funny stuff i got.

You've probably heard about him, the Pedo Bear. Made famous by the 4chan boards, he is known as a stalker of little girls. His image is used to approve of such nefarious things that i won't list. But here's an image of him for your viewing pleasure. Pedo Bear

Jc's NarrativeJc's PortfolioRemix Grid

I used one of the short stories i've written. I wrote a few but never could quite end them. It's kinda like i didn't want them to end. Oh well, hope you enjoy.

Just for you, haha


Freesound Sounds

track 1 track 2

track 3

track 4]

track 5

track 6]

track 7

track 8

I'm real big into piano led orchestras or just some classical piano so its nice to hear some of this. Cellos have a sweet, soothing sound that are irresistible. I don't like much techno or electronica, but if its good, its good.

A Whisper of Chaos

Due to the positive feedback i received on "The Knights Brilliant", i've uploaded and put my labor of love onto the wiki. If you find any grammatical errors or spelling errors, please feel free to correct them. But first and foremost, read and enjoy it. It's a tale to take you away from your current state of mind. Enjoy =)

For Luls

McDonalds vs. Starbucks

Check it out. The golden arches have another "great" idea. It really seems like a stupid one to me because, lattes just don't go with Bigmacs and fries.

Bad Boots are Bad I never liked this trend. I hope it dies.

Check this out_

Response toJanTen

While looking through the different licenses i decided this one was most definitely my favorite. I also read Ksaun's explanation as well. I don't mind anyone using or even changing(remixing) my stuff as long as i get credit. Not having it available for commercial uses makes sense to me since I'm not making any money off of it.

Just something that bothers me

Since i can't think of too much to say im going to talk about something that bothers me. We have some good internet and cable in the dorms but, we can't access Xbox Live. Which may not seem major, and it really isn't. But, part of enjoying my system is being able to play competitively against others of equal or greater skill online to get even more enjoyment out of the things i paid good money for. Enough of this QQing.


I'm a gamer too Zomg


I have a Xbox 360. I've played HaloThree 3 and it hasn't really impressed me. I found it quite boring but w/e. Also, games im currently playing= Mass Effect(2nd time through), Guitar Hero 3, and World of Warcraft(cutting back). Starting in 8th grade and to the end of my senior year i played Lacrosse. Great sport, very competitive and fun to watch.

Random Links


Alright, just to lighten the mood and show that my page isn't gonna be all serious business :p

More links later. Posting some webcomics you might enjoy. They have big archives but, it may be just the thing needed for that rainy day.


International Burnouts. A little loud at first, careful. WATCH TIL THE END!

Penny Arcade (Father of all Webcomics)

Questionable Content (Great storyline and characters)

Commissioned (Kinda Nerdy Comic)

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


--I'm equal opportunity Horde and Alliance. Same server, nub. Shattered Hand ftw. <3

Sakakii and Nacrissa



By the way, Mass Effect= Fun when you make yourself a Renegade Hillary Clinton character.




I came accross this on YouTube and thought you might get a kick out of it.



JC, looking towards the final remix/project/capstone, I'm thinking that you've got plenty to work with, here. Perhaps you could clone this page, first, so you won't hold back when you rearrange and "repurpose" the sounds, drawings, and text. I think it would be effective to embed some of your drawings in the wiki, and connect them with text (with your prose, and prose from others on the wiki, as well), and then write more about the connections you can make between images and prose. What new forms of expression, what claims, what kind of "voice" is made possible by weaving and mixing the different idioms afforded by the different media you have brought together so far? I also think it would be interesting to do some "idiom translation." In other words, you could translate dense leet and lulz-speak into another idiom.


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