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the truth really does hurts

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 4 months ago

it is almost 2 am on Satarday and im sitting at home and cant even sleep

i havent told you yet but i work in a restaurant and yestarday already was my worst day there.

one of my best friends work w me, i have known her for almost 3 years now or i thought i did.

i came to a position where i had to face her(because nobody else would) and tell her the truth about something that ist been going on for a couple of months already, which was not plesant, but for her own good.

of course she didnt like what i had to say (when it come to ourselfs we can never see clear- thats why we have friends) and blame me for ling and believed a persan that she doesnt know, because he was using the "right" words.

i feel betrayed, and she doesnt want to see me again, which is the most rediculas part of the story(she is 46).

i guess the truth really hurt... now im thinking that may be i shouldnt say anything and just wait and see what will happened, but than what kind of friend would i be, right? i wouldnt want to have a friend that keeps the truth away just because is more convinient.

this my seem too personal, but i didnt want to talk with any of my friend about it because i would get more upset.



This may make me a bad friend in some peoples eyes but as a rule of thumb, I never divulge information of a sensitive nature unless the person in question specifically asks me. Its one thing to be a good friend but I have found that (especially in romantic issues) that all one does is become another factor and further compound the issue. I believe the best friend is one that stays out of it, lets the person draw their own conclusion (which also helps them in their own personal growth) and just prepare to help them back to there feet after the inevitable fall.

In summary, your a good person and with a good heart. Don't stress.


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