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Sara Jane

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Name: Sara Crawford

Cell: 727-403-6031

E-mail: Littlemouse444@aol.com


High School: St. Petersburg High School

Hobbies: love soccer, sometimes volleyball

Major: undecided but thinking about engineering

Hometowm: St. Petesburg

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birthday: May 17,1988


I love having a good time! Laughing is what I like to do. At the beginning of this year I went to UCF but I didn't not like it so I withdrew in the middle of September. I then took two express classes at SPC for the rest of the semester. Now I am atending USF St. Petersburg and I am living in the dorms. I love it here.





My youth director showed me this one day when I was volenteering. I love it!!


omigod that videos hilarious






Pop Goes My Heart

Check it out my friend and his family made this video. Tell me what you think.




What is love really??

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TRANSFORMERS is the best movie that I have seen in a long time. This movie included fear, comedy, adventure, sadness and happiness. I never saw a movie that included all these features in one movie. Many of my guy friends find Meghan Fox and Racheal very attractive. My favorvite transformer is Bumblebee. I cried when his legs got cut off. Do you think that there will be a Transformer II???



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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

The Final

Olympic Symbols

Grading by 7000BC

Darfur Crisis


Mix Master Blog

American Idol Controversy

Sara Jane's Portfolio


In chapter four McCLoud talks about time and length. He says that when we read are eyes are moving through space but they are also moving through time. In "pause" panels the length of time you look at the picture can be lengthened. Either by adding more pictures, widening the space between panels, or create a long panel. Time and space is determined by the panel's border. Some panels can contain a sense of timelessness. Eventually comics came to know how to draw motion in their artwork. This concept of movement is called "motion line." Some artists used multiple images of the same subject to show motion. Others used the streaking effect. Throughout this chapter McCould showed us how motion, sound and time worked within pictures. He showed us the different ways in which we can draw motion and how we can lengthen or shorten time within a picture.



JC this is for you!






Your response to each question should be about 100-150 words.


Please read the description of the course goals as they are listed on the course website. Do you feel we are proceeding towards these goals? What is so far proving most useful? What would you change, and why?

I do feel that we are proceeding towards these goals that you have set for us. We are learning how to remix our narratives along with others. Also we have finished several of our assignments like the narrative, definition and the analogy. Now we are moving onto the counter arguments. I think we are all starting to understand what logos, pathos, and ethos really are. I like how we just started this Mix Master Blog. It helps us to see what everyones opinions are about a subject. I think that this class has helped everyone find their own rhythm. Blogging seems to be very useful in this class. It allows us to see what people think and then give us a cchange to write a counter agrument. I don't think we should change anything. This class has a good flow that works for me. It is fun and it isn't stressful.


What are you learning in class? What more do you think you could learn in class? How can class be structured to help you learn what matters to you?

In this class I am learning ethos, logos, and pathos. I am learning that anything and everything is writing. Sounds, images, ideas, youtube videos all contain some form of writing. I love the McCloud comic book. He really explains writing in a simple way. It is fun and easy to learn. Some of the things he explains are crazy. Things that I never know and am glad that I know now. I don't really know what more I can learn in this class. Maybe reading passages and picking out main topics, claims, and other things. To learn how to do this maybe in the beginning of class we can read a short passage and pick out these things.


How do you define your responsibilities to this class? How are you living up to those responsibilities? What are your greatest contributions to class? What can you improve?

My responsibilities for this class is to complete each assignment. Also to blog three times or more, once a week. I should also be replying to other people's blogs and remixing their work. By living up to these responsibilities I am going to my wiki page at least once a day. I am looking at recent activities so that I can see if anyone has blogged. Sometimes how I find things to blog about I read the newspaper or go to news.com. That is how I came up with the whol American Idol issue. My greatest contributions to the class have to be when I blog about an interesting topic that interests others to comment back, or when I comment on other people's blogs to show them my opinion in the situation.


How do you define my responsibilities as teacher of this class? Am I fulfilling those responsibilities? What more or different can I do to help you fulfill the work of this class?

As a teacher you should be fun, knowledgeable and understanding. Your responsibilities are to help us learn new things and to challenge us. You should give us enough time to finish our work. When you give an assignment you should make that we all understand what is going on. Also you should understand that everyone of us are on different learning levels. Some need to take it slow and others can go fast. You need to make sure they you teach us at a level that we can all understand. I believe you are fulfilling these responsibilities, but sometimes the language you use gets me lost. For the longest time I didn't understand what pathos, logos, and ethos meant. Also sometimes in class you go to fast and you jump around to different subjects. Maybe if you could just slow things down and some how get the class involved in a discussion. Let us intermingle a bit more instead of listening to you talk all the time.


What more or different can I do to help you understand the work I am asking you to do?

I pretty much understand the work we have to do in class. I think what would be a great idea is that one day in class we all write a narrative together so we can understand more of what you are looking for. I also like how you gave us questions to answer on McCloud the other day. It helped me understand alot more of what was going on in the class and it helped me understand what you were saying more.


What suggestions do you have for how we can improve class, to help you learn more, and enjoy the class and the learning more? (you can bullet your list for easier reading)

-More interaction with other students

-Maybe a group project

-More questions on McCloud reading

-Maybe one day watch a movie and then the next day we could all dicussion what we thought about it, like the claims they gave, ethos, logos, and pathos.




Miracles happen! Here is a story I foung about a wife that was abused by her husband. One night they went to a party where much alcohol was held. The wife's husband and friend started playing drinks on her by serving her mixed drinks. When she woke up the next morning she couldn't remember how she got home. Once her eyes opened they closed again. When they were closed she saw a bright light and felt at peace like never before. This meaning she was about to die. Fortunately she woke up and when she did her husband told her what he did to her last night. The wife decided to call the hospital and she told them what happened to her. They told her she had alcohol posioning and she was lucky to be alive. The wife didn't report anything her husband did and she didn't leave him. Eventually he divorced her and they went on their separte ways.

Have you ever experienced a miracle?


Nope. Not yet. Have you?




The Man-Made Island!



Hulk Hogan is getting a divorce!

A close friend of Brooke's, Christiane Plante, has come out and said that she had an affair with the Hulk. Hulk and Linda are now separated and filing for a divorce.



McCloud Quiz




King Kong Overview!


Across the Universe



Example of an analogy: The amount of water going over Niagara Falls in one second would fill over 1000 backyard swimming pools.


There is a remix of the hit song "You Keep Me Hangin On". In 1966 it was origanlly written by the Supremes for the Motown Label. Musicians such as Wilson Pickett, Rod Stewart, Melanie Safka and Reba McEntire have made versions of the song. Check out the link: <http://www.remixes.net/supremes_reworked.html>



Look at this beatle picture. I think this goes with our dicussion about how people change and interpret pictures. There are seven things about this picture but I can't remember all of them, so take a look and figure it out. Have fun!!



What I got from the Neuro-marketing Research!



I chose this license because it seems the safest. I require that if my page is to be used then my license will not be changed or alterd. Also people are not allowed to make a profit from my work. I recommend this license to all who wants something that is safe.




Today was an awesome class! I am excited to see our picture of the dry wall from today. It looks like alot more people understand how to work this wiki. It is hard at first but it then gets easier. Welcome to all new comers.

"Action is eloquence." A quote by William Shakespeare. Thought it went with todays talk!!



Hey if you have any jokes put them down by mine. Thanks!!



~ Fixed your link. I'll look at which license it is and help add the picture in for you. =) Ksaun

Yes, Ksaun, show the way, yours is the commons path.


Sara Jane! These are the books you'll need to buy (they're listed at the bottom of the Resources page)


Scott McCloud Understanding Comics


Joseph Williams Style $5 used




What position do you play in soccer? I played soccer all through high school and love it as well. If you are thinking about Engineering.. I played on a traveling team as well. One year got to play in an international tournament Miami's Cup, unlike you however I played goalie.. I worked in both Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering fields and would be more than happy to sit down with you and give you some info on both.







****Narrative****about a situation I went through in my life. Take a look!!


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at 2:13 pm on Feb 3, 2008

You are doing the freesound correctly! Duh. =)

Anonymous said

at 11:53 am on Apr 8, 2008

yo i can't make it to class today i have a huge exam i have to study for, but i put my paragraph on the 7000bc page, its the one right above the black and white youtube video.

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