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what is mcClouds definition of comics.

McCloud's definition of comics is a medium to tell a story with a sequence of pictures and word bubbles. He uses repetition and comparison to describe what a comic is in the sense of a medium as opposed to the physical definition of comics.










Why must McCloud define an icon and what is an icon in McClouds definition? What are the three vertices on McClouds triangle?

McCloud defines icon so quickly because he uses them frequently in his book and wants the reader to be able to use the idea of icons in their writing. His definition of icon is an image use to describe any person, place, thing or idea. The three vertices of his triangle are the picture plane, language and reality.













What can non comic artists do to achieve the same affects and amplify information by simplifying?

Through the use of descriptive language and repetition of word ideas we as non comic book artists can achieve the same level of symbolism through icon as a comic. This will amplify our writing and make the words that we print on the page less condeluded and confusing for people to understand.

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