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proposal for final project

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Capstone assignment: one more remix

read: McCloud, Chapter 7 "The Six Steps"


1. Idea/ Purpose : What is the topic of your final remix project? From this topic, formulate the most important (could be a practical question or set of questions, could be ethical) question you expect your readers need answered. What is your purpose in directing attention to this issue or idea?



2. Form : Think about the media and research methods you will mix: film clips and sounds from the world wide web and beyond? A poster, story board, a collage, or a 'zine of some sort? To connect the different media you use, you will need to compose more text, and perhaps even conduct more research (interviews, library research). Your final product can emphasize one form, but your process can partake of diverse media forms.


3. Idiom and Audience : always, always, always consider your audience – will you deal with your subject as a technician might? Like an artist or musician? Like an athlete? Like an single parent? An anthropologist? An employee at large firm? Each project will be different, because each will be tuned to a different audience and scenario.



4. Rhetorical process and repurposing of blog, unit, and group assignments : How will you select and align the pieces of the project? Experiment with transitions and arrangement strategies via argumentative technique (definition, evaluation, cause, analogy, idiom translation, prolepsis, prolepsis, and more prolepsis)--you may be surprised at what you can render. Deploy technical editing skills (grammar, syntax, drawing/drafting, audio or video work).


5. Structure: wiki and Exportable versions

you will prepare 2 versions of the final remix: wiki, and print. Also, plan for rendering an abstract/coversheet, a brief serial (linear) description, narrative, or argument detailing your overall project in a .pdf file. Justify the arrangement of your project in 1101 terms (ethos/logos/pathos, or stasis theory, or parataxis, etc)


6. surface: a) formatting; MLA/APA/Chicago style, and b) ratio of attention-grabbing media to deep-attention sections (extended prose sections)

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