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McCloud Quiz

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1. How does McCloud define comics?


He defines comics as something that uses juxtaposed pictorial and other images in a deliberate sequence to convey information or to produce a response to the viewer. He says that cartoons can mean several things because all you have to do is separate the words from the pictures and put them together again in a different sequence. Cartoons are put together in a sequence to make a story. The definition of comics is an on-going process. New generations will reject the old definition and re-invent a new one. As I read through McCloud I found that he used repitition alot to get across his point of defining comics. He also uses comparison to explain what he is talking about in defining comics.


2. How does McCloud define icons and why are they important? Connect your answer to the triangle and tell what the three veteces are.


McCloud uses the word icon to mean any image used to represent a person, place, thing or idea. He tells us that there are different categories of icons; symbols, language, science, communication, pictures and non-pictorial. Words are abstract icons but in pictures the abstraction varies. The triangle that McCloud talks about contains three verteces; the picture plane, language, and reality. At the top of the triangle is where shapes, lines and colors can be themselves and not pretend otherwise. Towards the bottom is where the icons fit in, meaning every line has a meaning.


3. How can non-comics achieve the same effect as comics do when they achieve information that is simplified?


When we abstract ideas we are not just eliminating details but we are focusing more on the specific details. If we use simplify are descriptions when we talk to people they may achieve our information better and it may be clearly to them.


Ian's CounterArgument

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