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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 7 months ago


So it turned out that my blood work came in yesterday and I got diagnosed with mono. I asked Trey if it was cool if I came to class because it was mild, but I decided to just avoid everyone-- I didn't want to risk getting one of you sick. Especially since it's been such a nasty two weeks for me. I finished my evaluation Ksaun 4Guns Evaluation and I'm thinking of my final project..


I was thinking of a diary-esque compilation of everything I've done in class. I could doodle a few pictures, and tie all of my assignments together like as if I was writing about my dreams or something. Not sure how to go about it, but it sounds cool.


OH, AND EPIC WIN-- I got my toast and eggs tonight. I could taste and swallow them! It was heaven, I tell you. I haven't had solid food in a while, so toast and eggs was high rolling for me.


Now I'm going to go crash because my darvocet has kicked in and my other meds as well. I know one is a steroid and is supposed to keep me awake (it's a side-affect) but it's epic failing at that.



I really, REALLY hope my team doesn't think I'm piggybacking. I'll be in class today to help answer any questions and try to help as best as I can. I hope none of you mind if I don't talk much, I have next to no voice. The paper is looking good though despite everything, I'll write the closing paragraph in a few and alter the opening a bit since it seems a bit off.


In other news, I found this really awesome book if anyone is thinking about taking any art history classes. It's called How to Read a Painting: Lessons from the Old Masters. I'm using it for my paper I need to write, and boy is it God sent. It picks all of the little known details out and explains them in plain English. Pretty awesome, in my opinion.


Also, I can't believe the move-out policy at this dorm. Wow, talk about money hungry. If you're "late" on your move-out (which some people just can't control) they have the audacity to charge me 50.00 bucks an HOUR? Yeah, screw that "move-out" day BS. I'm going to start slowly moving out my stuff now. Last thing I need is a bill for 200 dollars because someone was holding the elevator for 20 minutes.


And right now I'm craving eggs and toast.. no idea why. Hopefully after my appointment today (I REALLY hope I don't need to get my tonsils taken out.. but it really hurts THAT bad) I can pick up at least some eggs.





So I didn't show up to class yesterday because I had one hell of a paper that I finished the night before (No, I didn't cram it -- I just wanted to really go over it, change some of the structure around since I've been carrying a rough draft with me the last week and making changes) I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Want to take a look at it? Clicky Click If possible, I'd love to have some feedback on it. I know most of you don't know a thing about art, and I want to know if it was simple enough for you to understand, that's the kind of audience I was aiming this paper at.


I love, love, LOVE the Mix Master Blog idea. I hope we continue to use that as a place to post our arguments weekly and our opinions. That makes things so much more interesting when I can read someone else's opinion without having to deal with an actual face to face debate.

02/27/08Finally had a moment to put this up

Wow, I'm running on near to no sleep. I hope I have an opportunity to crash this weekend. I'd really like it..

I may drop out of Finite Math, I feel I'm learning nothing, because all he does is trick questions. That's irritating when he doesn't even help you work them out post-test and the class average was a low D. I get all of the logical and straightforward homework correct.. and fail the test? Ugh.


Here are my answers to the McCloud quiz:

1) His definition is juxtaposed pictorial and other images in Deliberate Sequence. Tweaking and Repetition is used to reiterate this idea. He constantly revises his original definition with "input" from the "audience" he is presenting to.


2) His definition of icon is any image used to represent a person, place, thing or idea. Because the word "symbol" is so broad, icon is considered a sub category. All symbols are icons that are sorted into categories of importance.


3) I found a triangle labeled Meaning, Reality and Language in the book. Let me check for more on this answer.


Hate's Definition, fits in well with Love, and Chaos.

02/18/2008Hello world~

Hey everyone, how goes it? [:

I updated my Myspace's layout. A critique would be nice if you have one. I know that it looks better on Firefox though, I'm a bit partial to it over Internet Explorer. Clicky


I was taking a look at some of the blogs posted, and I have to say that I agree with Trey on the blogging issue he has talked about. I tend to keep things formal with anyone I'm talking to, and try to keep it to the point. Too much fluff can cause someone to lose interest, miss an important detail when they skim instead of read or cause for no response at all. I'm the same way in AIM/MSN as well, I don't use chat speak or "txt-talk." Hell, I don't even text. Some research says texting is good for you, personally I think it's easier to call the person or if they are unreachable by local calls, then just email them.


That brings up an issue in my mind, is technology today actually a good thing for students? Or could it possibly be harming us? For instance, dwelling on the issue.. texting. Is it actually good? How? Why? I ask this because I have actually seen people turn in papers, and then had to be forced to read said txt-talk.. IN A RESEARCH PAPER! There is a time and a place for everything, but I think that texting was one of the worst ideas man ever thought of. Especially since you could have called that person, left them a message or spoke with them with less effort. I guess it's just me.


Something good has come up though, I won't be here in Florida for the summer. Sucks I won't take summer classes, but who cares when I'll be up in Tennessee relaxing. I love it up there. Great weather, clean and fresh air and on top of all that my finance's family. They are such great people. =) They are having a huge family reunion this summer, my mom is going to come up and visit. It should be awesome.

02/14/2008Woah, it really works.. D:

Create an Icon? Well, I've made a couple in the past. Here is one of my favorites:


I made it extracting the bird from a different picture. (No idea what it was now, I made this icon with my last computer.) The clouds and sun were done in Illustrator, and everything else done with brushes. I'm not a big fan of the Gimp, I'd rather use Adobe since I know it.


First off, hope everyone had a semi-nice Valentine's Day. <3 I wish I could of had a better one, but instead I just slept all day. Tired from all the studying. I think I did well on my exams though so confidence is high.

Second, Pandora Radio is pretty damn awesome. I've been messing with it putting in all types of artists I listen to and it seems to pop out that Artist or something I know or have listened to. You guys should try it, it's like internet radio with no commercials. :o


So spliggle.. yeah I don't think I'll ever use it. Saw it was recently posted and yeah I'm going to have to close the book on that one. Never going to use it, sounds weird. Reminds me of a bunch of earth worms squirming or something. Ew..

02/03/08Superbowl! Oh yeah, and my narrative.

Ksaun's Coversheet Ksaun's Narrative Ksaun's Remixes

Enjoy, I think it came out well. =)


I was listening to Trance around the World, with Above and Beyond while I wrote it. Easier for me to concentrate on something. [:



Haha, this is where all the dances for the characters in WoW came from. Classic~

01/30/08In response to JanTwentyNine

Navi from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time no doubt drove many a player to the breaking point with her incessant cries of "Hey!" "Look!" "Listen!" and "Watch out!"


Everytime I see this image, it just makes me laugh. I'm sure anyone who has played Zelda games shares my exact feelings about that damn Navi the fairy. I happened to find out out that Link and Navi were listed on that Tv Tropes site

I'll try out the assignment for the 29th, but no promises. It sounds a little.. weird.



01/28/08Freesounding it~


World of Warcraft / Internet (Gaming) Terminology. [:

ROFLMAO= Rolling on the Floor Laughing my ass off

PWN= Own

pr0n= Porn

WTG= Wanting to Group

FTW= For the Win

ROXXORS= Rock your


OMG= Oh my God

HAX= Hacks

G2G CU L8UR= Good to Go, see you later

LFG BRD, UBRS, DM, ZG, MC= Looking for Group (Shorthand of the Instance name)

01/23/08Response to JanTwentyTwo


First before I go into this, I'd just like to say that today is my birthday. [: Woo, last year as a teenager. So tired of being referred to as a teenager, I just don't feel that as a title it encompasses me anymore than to the degree of being nineteen and that's it. I think it's more of an insult than an "age group." Posted up some more of my narrative and threw it up on a page. Ksaun's Narrative is the name of it.




As for MLK's Day, I think it's a nice gesture but I would have rather not of had Monday off in retrospect. I wasted it a bit, but then again I couldn't go anywhere with that parade down central. It was impossible to ge groceries too, we had to hope on the interstate and go to about 75th to get out of all the traffic screw-ups from construction and the parade. Nice gesture, HORRIBLE place to put it. Especially since not every business is closed on MLK.


My only question was if this letter was written in drafts? It's just so fine-tuned, like a well-oiled machine.


While confined here in the Birmingham city jail, I came across your recent statement calling my present activities "unwise and untimely." Seldom do I pause to answer criticism of my work and ideas. If I sought to answer all the criticisms that cross my desk, my secretaries would have little time for anything other than such correspondence in the course of the day, and I would have no time for constructive work. But since I feel that you are men of genuine good will and that your criticisms are sincerely set forth, I want to try to answer your statement in what I hope will be patient and reasonable terms.


His writing is different though, he's very, very much Logos in his speech. Very forward when speaking directly to the audience he wants to reach. The above is a great example of what I mean. He's a bit witty, but he sets the tone of the response.


Like Paul, I must constantly respond to the Macedonian call for aid.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


This is just a great sentence, a great visual can be pulled from it. Namely if you're religious. I like the way he set it up and delivered it. Tweaks of the English language are great. I like the super hero feel of the second sentence I pulled out.


01/18/08Siiiick. ):

Totally sick yesterday, freaking sucked. Luckily my mom stockpiled me with cold medicine before I moved into the dorms. I'm still congested, but it should be all good by Sunday I hope. Plan on going to EMILYYYYY's concert because their band is full of win. [;


My narrative is going to be about when I was first introduced to gaming. (Of course, it won't be neat, just jotting down ideas and such)

And ideal opening:


It was a quiet night, the sounds of grasshoppers chirping outside of my window with a cool breeze pushing my curtains open and circulating around the rather pink room. The sun was setting in the distance, daylight's playtime has almost expired. Inside a quaint little house was a girl, she was young, about the age of six. Sitting in her room, she gripped a flat plastic and wired object. What was it? Was it a barbie brush? A fake makeup kit? No, it was a controller to her Nintendo gaming system that she loved and adored. At this very moment, she was beating her father up in Mortal Kombat. Yes, that's right, this wasn't an ordinary and cliche little girl, this was a born and raised gamer! ~

(Haha, I know, cheesy right?)


I'll think up my flow chart in my head. [x

01/15/08Lulz an entry

Let me just say.. Fire drills when it's cold, windy and at 10:30pm at night are irrelevant to my safety. Jesus, couldn't they do this at 6? 7? Not 10:30.


Also, what is this on the Free Tools and Resources for Multimedia Composition page? A way to unblock sites? Oh my. Well, it seems the Network Admin has already gotten the best of this site. It's not loading. Anyway, I lulz'd at that, never expected a teacher to post a link like that. Personally, I hate how the N.A treats the students on campus here, I hate all these restrictions. It's not fair, but even if I say something it's just going to be shrugged off as irrelevant. Why do I say this? because in their eyes I'm younger, female, and an underclassman. Even if I had a backing, it still wouldn't matter because it's the school's regulation and not the dorms to decide whether we can access XBox Live, browse sites, download things P2P..


But you know what? This rant is completely legit! I was googling random phrases pertaining to my rant, and happened to find a wonderful abstract to pull from located here. It's long, so I'll probably take a better look at it tomorrow since Thursday is like my Friday.



By the way, 4chan is not completely safe (it's almost like the black hole of the internet figuratively speaking), so if you're not familiar with a lot of internet memes (The numa-numa guy, starwars kid, and other videos/pictures that have spread like wildfires in places like 4chan, YTMND, and LOLcat just to name a few), you'll probably think "WTF." Not to mention most of the people there are just forum trolls, script-kiddies and morons. (In case you don't know what those mean, here are the definitions of forum trolls and script-kiddies. I'll just assume you know what a moron is.) Additionally, somethingawful.com is gold. Their main purpose is to shred awful internet trends, bad movies and pop-culture to shreds for the enjoyment for people like me. They have provided me with many, many laughs and inside jokes.


So, if we really are going to do a Photoshop Phriday, I'm up for it. I can also upload Photoshop CS3 onto an upload site or send it via MSN/AIM if anyone wants it. Let me know in class if you're interested. =)


01/10/08My answers to the JanTen entry

I picked the license that I have because I believe it's the most practical. I get my credit when and if it's used in quote and citing and I allow a non-profit use of it for works that are similar to my own. I also require that if it is used that the license that I have for it is continually used and cannot be altered. Therefore I stick with my work regardless of the changes. I think this is the safest and most practical choice for someone who is divulging into an amateur world of writing/blogging. (I'll add more to my reasoning when I'm awake.)


I noticed that TinoMontanez has his own page now, that's three of us with actual created pages. Keep em' coming, classmates.


I also checked out the del.icio.us site. It's like a site for tagging and higher number of tags for a site means a spot on the front page [similar to youtube for their video spotlight.] Then that gives page viewers a chance to explore different sites. Like a field trip on the web



So, after.. a few hours of reading, checking, stressing, and feeling like I was back in one of my IT classes I think I have finally figured out Wiki's weird way of using code. It's sort of like a rip off of HTML but with more of a automated and instant gratification system. Very little actual coding for simple things, and voila!

More people need to blog, it seems that ShareRiff and I are the only ones to truly figure out this zany system. If anyone needs any help, don't be afraid to message me in any form listed above! =)


Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


Just felt like popping on here, and saying "Horde ftw, Alliance ftl" :P

Atomov, 70 Orc Shaman of Blackwing Lair(pvp)




Thanks so much for your help. The only thing that I am having trouble with is putting a picture on my page and putting my license thing on there. I copied the website but I can't figure out how to get that little symbol thing on my page. If you could help me I would appreciate it, thanks.

Sara Jane


Katie check this out:


Monday January 28th

7:00pm – 9:00pm

The monthly meetings are a place where you can come to get help installing Linux or debugging problems with your installation. You can occasionally hear speakers on various subjects of interest to the Linux community.


- If I had the time, I'd go. But sadly I don't. ]:

comments/suggestions for capstone remix

Ksaun, you've got plenty to work with here. Even though your posts take up any notion/idea/topic garnering your attention at the time of writing, a consistency emerges, perhaps due in large part to your critical and enthusiastic approach to technology. A certain mode of invitation and audience address can be heard, as well, one that suggests genres (McCloud would say "idioms") beyond blogging. If you were to remix this page into a a more formal structure, what genre would you pursue? What would be the main idea/purpose?


Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 10:19 pm on Jan 31, 2008

Hey how do I put pictures on my page and how do I do freesound??

Anonymous said

at 12:09 pm on Mar 2, 2008

wud up mang.. gotta question for you.. I was thinkin about using the wiki for to commune ideas for a mock trial in my law class.. is there any way I can passcode the wiki so nobody besides my people can view it?

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