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Joshs Part

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It was stated in class that the only thing worse than a criminal with a gun is a untrained civilian attempting to use a gun. I agree that an untrained person attempting to use a gun can be unsafe and lethal. There are people all over the world that argue that guns are one of the worse inventions of man, but truth is that guns don’t kill people, stupid people kill people. However I think that if there was an increase in regulations and education, usage of guns will be safer and will have a more positive affect in today’s community. Truth is, despite whatever regulations are established that the government put into affect that will allow people to legally own a gun, people will find a way around a system

As Ian stated, the majority of gun related crimes that takes place in the community are done with illegally attained weapons. Look at the usage of marijuana. It is an illegal substance that has been banned in most places in the United States due to the fact that we as a society think its a "gateway drug". If a person is caught with marijuana on their person, depending on the amount, can go to jail, pay a large fine, etc. But even with all the consequences people still go out and buy from the local dealers. Why? Why do people use this product even if it is illegal? The answer is because they can and it's easy to obtain. People like to smoke the herb and they do not care about the consequences and so far the government has done very little on controlling the usage of it. Now if it so easy to flood the streets with illegal drugs, such as marijuana, what will be the difference between that and guns. The government ruling with an iron fist against the sale and usage of marijuana, but still the drug seems to trickle through the fingers and get into the hands of everyday people. So what going to be the difference between that and guns? If a person wants one badly enough, he/she is going to get it no matter what. So if bad people will still be able to get guns, what are the ordinary Joes going to do about themselves. If someone holds you up in an alley, your not going to be able to defend yourself with a shoe. Everyone has the right to self defense, and the government wants to take one of our potential defenses away. Its not right.

So it is inevitable that people who desire to acquire a gun will find a way to do so, legally or illegally. So as more and more guns are available to the people of the community, the more opportunities that those people should be given to be educated. People who choose to own guns doesn’t necessarily have to possess the intent to shoot and hurt others, but they could want to take part in recreational shooting, hunting, competition, gun collection, or just home safety. All in which the owner of the firearm needs to have some kind of basic knowledge of weaponry. They will need to be educated in the following: Safe firearm handling, firearm parts and operation, ammunition and its function, how to select, clean, and store a firearm, and lastly how to properly and accurately fire a weapon. I think that if those issued guns are required to attain those skills, they won’t be such a risk and danger to the community. Guns in the skilled and trained gives a sense of security and protection, but guns in the hands of the irresponsible and the reckless are a risk. We should try to instill the desirable morals and ethics into the students of today’s high schools, so that by the time they are old enough to be eligible to acquire a gun, they will already have the right mind set.


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