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Joshs Essay

Page history last edited by Vic Silva 15 years, 11 months ago

There is a saying that states, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” I couldn’t agree more. Basically a gun is just a mechanism that fires a bullet at a high speed when the trigger is pulled. We often forget that it takes someone to pull the trigger for someone to get shot. As a society we always focus on the negative affects of using guns. However it was the acquiring and usage of guns that we as a nation were able to progress as an independent country. The enforcers of the law are a prime example of how guns in the hands of the trained and experienced are beneficial in today’s society. I would like to compare the responsibility of having and using a vehicle correctly to the responsibility of using a gun properly. When a person turns a certain age they are allowed to get behind the wheel of a car, but first they have to attain certain licenses. Afterwards they have to go periodically to either renew or upgrade their license. I think that this method should be used in the issuing of gun licenses. The current age limit should stand, however people should be further educated about the responsibility of having a gun and they should also be taught how to use guns correctly. However I think there should be special qualifications that people should have to meet before being able to have a gun, such as having a clean jail record. The only thing worse than a criminal with a gun, is a trained and lethal criminal with a gun.


Lets be honest, having a gun establishes security. You feel safer knowing that if your life is in danger, you will stand a fighting chance. However, increasing the availability of guns could cause a slippery slope. Security in our schools would have to be beefed up in order to prevent incidents such as the Columbine Shooting. Another issue would be the increase of fire power that law enforcement is going to feel the need to have, knowing that there’s going to be a significant increase in guns on the streets. Keep in mind that these security measures are not far fetched, and that in the end education and training of the usage of guns will prove to be beneficial.


- Josh

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