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Josh Garner

email: jlgarne2@mail.usf.edu

major: criminal Justice

Interest and hobbies: Right now I'm a full time student and I also work part time(over 30 hours a week).

The only hobby I really have is basketball. Over the years I have come to realize that I'm exceptionally gifted in playing the piano and drawing. I started learning how to play the piano in 4th grade, but quickly came to learn that I didn't really enjoy doing it. After three years I no longer played. I learned that I was somewhat of an artist in high school during an art class. My works easily surpasses the works of my fellow classmates. I realized that I enjoyed the final product of all the hours it took to make these masterpieces, but being an artist and being impatient doesn't really go well together. So as of today it stands that BASKETBALL is the only thing that I sincerely enjoy doing in my spare time.


Joshs Final Project


Joshs evaluation of the group project

Midterm Assessment

Josh's Mccloud Quiz

Josh's Portfolio


Broken Ankles





The Truth

Just say no to violence!!!




Course Roster





Ian, Tino, and My Collaboration on Education Through Regulation

comments and suggestions

Josh, I love the Laker colors. I was thinking about ways you might "remix" or "refactor" your page into a capstone project/essay, and I couldn't help but want to keep the vid clips right where you have them. You could describe the action in the clips, and these descriptions could be analogous to your (and your group's) writing itinerary, perhaps. Writing between one video to the next would help you find a central idea to pursue, and this content could even be a reflection/meditation on the place of the craft of multimedia rhetoric you have been writing and writing about this semester.


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