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Josh's evaluation of Drew's Portfolio

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I would give this portfolio an A. Drew did a great job opening his narative. He gives the reader a sense that his camp was his get-a-way and somewhat of a retreat. His use of imagery was great. He described the red headed girl enthusiasticly. As a reader I got lost in time and for a moment I forgot that the caamp that Drew attended was in actuality only two weeks long. Time seems to slow down because of how Drew describes his feelings for the red head, found myself asking the question," How could a person feel this way about someone over a two week time period. Drew's story was also easy to follow and go along with. After each paragraph there was a transition in the story. He didn't really ramble or fall off topic, he had a very fundamental story plot. From the begining to the end he took the reader in one direction and continued in the same direction. He also used symbolism in his narative. At one point in time he compared the love between him and the red head to a tall oak tree that surpassed all the other trees in the forest.


Drew's portfolio as a whole was neat and easy to navigate. It appears that it met all the criteria. His assignment had a purpose and a reason.



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