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Josh's Coversheet

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I wrote this narative because basketball is a huge part of my life right now, and it always has been. I look at my role models in life, and most of them either play or have played basketball at some part in their life. Basketball is looked at as one of the most athletic sports to play. But few people realize how much of a mental game basketball is really is. Athletes who play sports have a lot to deal with because when its time to perform, they have to do so regardless of what they might be going through in their life at the moment. They have to leave everything on the court. All the audience see is the final product, the scored basket, the nice slap shot, or the amazing touch down. We seldom consider the amount of pressure that lie on the shoulders of todays famous athletes.





When I thought about what I would write about, of course basketball was one of the first things to pop up in my mind. One of my most memorable days of basketball was my first time stepping onto the court in an organized game.




While writing about my personal experience, I tried my best to include as many details. I strived to make the reader feel as though they were in the game with me. I guess it would be what spectators call play by play action. So I think its definite safe to say that I used a great deal of imagery. I wanted to the reader of my narative to be with me as I transitioned from being in one state of mind to another. Every reader should be able to follow my story.I wrote in a way that it' not neccessary for the reader to be a basketball scholar in order to follow along with my story. I tried to grabbed the reader's attention in the beggining and actually persuade the reader to want to follow the play by play action




1 Purpose and Resonance

2 Reasoning and Content

3 Structure/organization

4 Expression





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