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Josh's Blogs

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Weekly Blogs

Even though we lost the Gainesville tournament, we have not became discouraged. We have grown so much as a team and our skill leavel has really increased. We've been having practice about 3 times a week. Our practices are now hardcore. We give our all in practice so that we are now able to give our all on the court. We have a tournament in North Carolina. There will be teams all over the U.S. that wil be there to compete. Initially we were going to have to pay abour four hundred bucks each. But I came up with the idea of going before the USF student governement and seeking funding. We were granted funds for all the current USF students. No offense to our old coaching figure Marcus Berry, but our new coach chris have helped us grow as a team so much. I think we shall be very successful in the North Carolina Tournament.

The student government is basically responsible for the funding of most of the things on this campus. The Student Government pays for the Fitness Center, and all the clubs on campus. We all know that one of the few positives of going to USF St. Pete is its Waterfront. And because of it, the Student Government babies the sailing team, and to make things worse a third of the Student Government is composed of members from the sailing team. As a basketball ball team, we received virtually no financial assistance from the Student Government. Four of my fellow teammates and myself stood before the Student Government and made a case to get some financial aid. At first they were a little resilliant, but eventually we won them over. they tealized that the more stuff we participate in as a team, the more publicity this campus would receive, because let's be honest, the existence of this campus is close to being virtually none. So we will be getting about 5,000 dollars that will cover the majority of our expenses. (Air Plane tickets, Hotel rooms, and food).

So the USF Saint Petersburg team finally had our first tournament. The Swamp Shootout was a basketball tournament where schools from all over florida came to compete. There were teams from FSU,UCF, Famu, Bethune,and Mianmi just to name a few. We arrived in Gainesville on friday. We basically just spent that evening getting the right mind set. Our first game was scheduled for 9am Saturday Morning and we received word from our point guard that he wasnt going to be able to make it. So in a nut shell we got our asses whooped. We won 1 out 3 games and did not do well enough to stay on Sunday. so on Sunday we returned to Saint Pete with our heads down and our tails between our legs. Since then we have been assigned an actual coach and now we are more of an actual authentic team. Skill wise,we have progressed emmensely. As of now every player knows their role on the team. If we were to face those teams that we played in Gainesville we would destroy them.


I would like to take the time to write about a disease that I have. I was diagnosed with it this year, right about the same time I graduated from high school. Many other young people have this same disease and are proud to have it, I for one, am not! Symptoms of this disease is that it causes you to change the way you behave and perceive things. At one point I thought that I had cured myself of this disease, but as I learned I never really got rid of my disease. The name of my disease is alcoholism. I'm 19 years old, and I am ashamed to admit that I am somewhat of an alcoholic. I have no one to blame but myself for contracting this disease. But each and everyday I'm working on curing my disease.

So for the past two months, we have been busting our ass as a team in order to get ready for the tournament this weekend in Gainesville. I must say, I have grown significantly over the course of our preparation. I've not only learned how to play the physical game of basketball, but I've also been educated on the mental side basketball. My defense has also improved tremendously. In a nut shell, I think that we are ready and that we are going to blow through every team we face in the tournament. I think that we will grow as a team and become closer. WHEN we win, I think that we will realize that all of our work has paid off. As a team, we know who can be productive at certain points of the game. I'm no longer focused on how many minutes I get to play, the only thing I'm concerned about is how I can help my team.


Last weekend was all-star weekend, There's the thee point shoot out, the slam dunk contest, and lastly the All-Star GAME. From 8:45 to 11:00 I was glued to the T.V. The east allstars against the west allstars, and since I live on the east side I was pulling for the east coast. Another reason I was hoping the East AllStars would win was because some of my favorite players played for the east coast, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade,Dwight Howard, and Ray Allen. The all star game is a migical event, because every player there is obviously damn good at what they do. Just think, out of all the NBA players in the league, only a few is chosen to play in the All Star game. The best of the best. The east pretty much came out the gate scoring, and when the final buzzer sounded the Easr All Stars had beat the west. Dwayne Wade kind of let me down, but Lebron, Dright, and Ray all sored in the double digits. And Lebron James was the M.V.P(Most valuable player). Watching the allstar game was the highlight of my weekend. What made it an even more enjoyable event was that my girl is not only gorgeous, but she's also a sports fan. Damn am I lucky!





Boy am I glad that Valentine's Day is finally over and done with. I bet last week millions of dollars were spent on jewelry,candy, and flowers. Even I am guilty for contributing to the chaos of valentines day. I purchased my girl a neclace, along with candy and some flowers. However she spent a fraction of what I spent on her, but her gift to me was priceless. On Valentine's day she wouldn't alow me to see her until tha evening. I was somewhat disappointed up until I realized the reason why she had banned me from seeing her. I opened the door of her Dorm to find rose petals and hersheys white chocolate hugs on the floor leading to her bedroom door. I saw a piece of paper that read,"Pick up the Rose and fuzzy hand cuffs, Come in, and uses your imagination." I opened the door to find the girl I love in the sexiest clothing and on the floor there was chocolate covered strawberries. What happened next?....I think I will leave that to the imagination. My point is that I realized for the first time in years, that Valentine's isn't about who spends the most on a gift, but how you can express your feelings to the one you love on this special day. I think it's safe to say that I learned my lesson.




I recently just lost my grandmother. I'm not going to lie, it made a huge impact on my family. My grand mother lived to be 96 years old, and at the funeral there was nothing but good things to be said about her. But her death still hit me kind of hard. This song came to mind, because its a fact that no matter who you are,death is inevitable. In this song Kanye West gets mad that it seems that if you have money, you can just buy your way out of sickness and disease. It is said that that basketball player Magic Johnson at one point was diagnosed with H.I.V AIDS,but now he doesn't have it or seem to have it. Did money have something do with it? I think it did. I don't fault Majic Johnson or any other famous wealthy person for being able to treat or rid themselves of diseases or sicknesses. I just think that the necessary medications should be available to everyone, rich and poor. I think that it is ironic how Kanye West made this song about three years before his mother died as a result of cosmetic surgery.



In Class on February 12th, besides looking at scenes from the movie "Ching Chong"(Whatver the name of it was), we talked about basically going out of our comfort zone. You have to explore past the parameters that you are used to. A person who plays it safe and sticks to only the things that person is familiar with is a BORING PERSON. Trey demonstrated this musically in class. He went on Pandora and showed how you can basically find something that has similar qualities,but can also be completely different different from each other. I bet the Beach Boys would have never thought that a man by the name of Jay Z would be rapping over their music twenty years later. I personally am a huge listener of the musical artist know as Jay-Z. I still consider his black album as one of my favorite albums of all times, and I personally like the grey album.


I guess the same method can be used when reading and trying to find a srtyle of writing that grabs us. We should disect the wtitings just as Pandoradisects the elements of music. It could be the certain tone of a paper, or a writing style such as it being in first person, having excessive uses of symbolism, irony, or imagery.

"Giant Upset," That was the title of the front page of Monday's newspaper. It was referring to the New York Giants luckily outscoring the (18-0) New England Patriots, and they couldn't have been more correct I was so surprised when the Giants clenched the game with a touchdown with only 35 seconds left on the clock. My personal opinion is that Eli Manning isn't half of the quarterback that his brother is. I don't like how everyone is trying to epitomize Eli for a lucky scramble and throw. Don't get me wrong, The Giants played one of their best games defensively and the Patriots had somewhat of a bad game offensively. But I think that even the New York Giants fans were a little surprised when they came up victorious.


I wish I could have seen my face when the Patriots had used their final possession. I was shocked and even somewhat appalled just hope that the Giants enjoy their victory and receive their praise, because It will definitely be short lived. Another disappointment wasn't even football related, it was the commercials. The Super Bowl is notorious for having outrageously funny commercials, but I saw very few funny ones on Sunday. I wasn't really pleased with the half time show either. But, all in all I still had a good Super Bowl Sunday.


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