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Jc's Remixes

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Remix of Emily's Narrative

"Come closer." said the fish. "I have a tale to tell, and you shall come to know it well." "Who are you?" I replied. "My name is Alfred the fish." he answered. "Please continue Mr. Alfred." i said. "Very well then. One day as i was searching high and low for a home for me and my pregnant wife, something happened. I spotted a beautiful reef beyond words was such that as i swam closer, a giant hand plunged forth into the water and scooped me up. It raised me high above the water to come eye to eye with a giant beast of sorts. It had long white hair and a braided beard. He also was wielding a trident if i recall correctly. 'This reef is not for you little fish, for you i have made something much more fitting.' he boomed. 'Oh mighty one, what is it that you speak of?' I asked. 'You shall see my child, you shall see.' he said as he hurled me back to the depths. As i swam back towards my wife i heard in my head 'That which you seek is criss-cross and the dirtiest of muck color.' I finally reached my wife to tell her the news and saw the thing he spoke of. Looming there in the water with gaps and all, was what the mighty one had told me of. We hurriedly sped towards it and made it just in time as it was lifted towards the heavens. Floating above the glistening water, we were quickly placed upon solid ground." "This is well and all, but i have much work to do." I interrupted. "Well, who are you that has too much work to hear a story from an old fish?" Alfred inquired. "I am he, the one which sails the seas with the mightiest of criss-cross and seeks those such as yourself." I replied. "I still don't quite understand good sir." said Alfred. "Well to be short with it, I'm a......fisherman" I said laughing.


Remix of Ksaun's Narrative

It was a quiet night, the sounds of grasshoppers chirping outside of my window with a cool breeze pushing my curtains open and circulating around the rather pink room. The sun was setting in the distance, daylight's playtime has almost expired. Inside a quaint little house was a girl, she was young, about the age of six. Sitting in her room, she gripped a flat plastic and wired object. What was it? Was it a Barbie brush? A fake makeup kit? No, it was a controller to her Nintendo gaming system that she loved and adored.


Then the sound of flesh hitting pavement permeated the silence. When the shower of droplets of blood and debris finally cleared a chilling prophecy rang out, "Finish Him!" At this very moment, she was beating her father up in Mortal Kombat. What she did not expect was for the warrior clad in yellow and black to turn and face her, then begin reaching out. She wondered to herself what Scorpion was doing as his hands reached and finally burst forth from the tv screen. Glass flew everywhere and now sparkled upon the carpet. Slowly but surely, this deadly ninja was now in the living world. He turned flaming eyes towards her and her father. Raising his hand as if preparing for his trade mark move when out of nowhere he was thrown to the ground by an explosion of ice. Plunging forth from the screen was none other then Subzero. Scorpion rolled to his feet and instantaneously a sadistic looking grappling hook shot from his palm heading straight for Subzero. It smacked into him he was almost thrown to the ground from the force. The hook embedded itself in his chest and all of a sudden Scorpion bellowed "Come over here!!!". Subzero was wrenched from his feet towards Scorpion. He was grabbed by the throat and raised towards the ceiling almost as if he was a rag doll.


But, a second wind came over Subzero and he looked down upon with icy rage. Eyes of piercing blue now shone like glaciers in the mid-day sun as he raised his hand. The temperature of the room started to drop quickly as frozen death gathered around his rigid hand. Seeing this happen, Scorpion tried to throw him away but noticed too late that Subzero's other hand was now frozen to Scorpion's arm. An unknown voice called out "Finish HIM!". He howled in rage at such treachery. As Subzero reached back to deliver the fatal blow, Scorpion swiftly removed his hood revealing a horrifying, flaming skull of such evil. He gasped quickly and as the blow met his face, flames shot forth from his mouth covering them both in it's melting flames. That fire quickly died down and revealed that Scorpion's skull was no longer attached to his torso. The frozen ball of ice rolled around on the ground until it settled into place. She looked back over to where Subzero was to only see slight remnants of his blue and black garments.


Smoke gushed out of the tv and covered both where Scorpion and Subzero lay. A second later, it and them were both gone. Back on the screen the words "Brutality" showed in crimson letters. And the little girl gave a victory cry as she knew, she had won that match. Her father still in shock from all this, soon realized he had indeed been beaten. He patted her on the head and said "We'll have a rematch soon enough. This time without as much fanfare." he said smiling.


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