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Jc's Evaluations of Others

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 3 months ago

Evaluation of Ksaun

I give this an "A". I do this because of the great use of sensory imagery. The first sentence allows our own minds to paint a good picture of where this is all taking place. It very quickly outlines what the narrative will be about, which revolves around a little girl who likes to play video games. The use of the phrase "Finish Him!" and the name Mortal Kombat grabbed my attention because as a gamer myself i am able to identify with said game. The transitions were well done and allowed you to keep a good reading flow going without having to reread or backtrack to understand whats going on. Also, it provides a nice, little conflict between the girl and father allowing for playful chiding and trash talking to keep the story interesting. The ending was funny as i myself am not a morning person and a little sad at the same time. Overall, this was a nice read and refreshing to see.


Evaluation of Tino

I give this an "A". I just want to start off and say "wow". That was such a great story pumped full of adrenaline. In the beginning he stated that him and his team were ready to turn heads and make nay-sayers into believers. And in the next few paragraphs he did indeed deliver on that promise. He had great imagery, one that especially captured my attention was "Every time i touched the puck my entire shoulder felt like it was pushed up against a burning red, hot iron." It really helped me to feel his pain and his struggle. The topic was very well defined and didn't go off topic once in his narrative about the game. The transitions were nice and clean. Nice to see the coaches "half-time" speech so to say. (Not a big hockey fan, don't know quite what to call the in between period where that took place was) The conclusion showed that he didn't give up on his team and they made more then believers out of those who watched and heard about that game.


Evaluation of Erex

I give this an "A". The start gives a nice little preview of what we could expect to happen in the narrative. While it isn't the longest narrative out, what it lacks in length it makes up in heart. She displays her brothers clever ability of joke telling in a good light. Allowing us to delve into her normal days life of enjoying such things, even as small as one simple joke. Its a memorable story and a fun one to remix. Very easy to read and follow along with, delivering a good chuckle there at the end. Has a varied use of vocabulary and effective transitions. Only real error i could find was perhaps a typing error as it was just no space after a period in one sentence. Otherwise, an exemplary read.

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