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Jc's Coversheet

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Rationale: I wrote my narrative because I'm a big fan of fantasy novels and some what pride myself on my ability to write. Through encouragement of friends and family i wrote a few short stories and such to see how they would turn out. I only seem to write things that i would want to read.

Invention: I just kinda took the format and ran with it. Every once and a while i'd use different websites and such to make sure i could properly form what i wanted to say. Or simple things such as Dictionary.com to make sure my spelling was spot on. I took a look at others to make sure i was doing the right format and such.

Composition: I like to use metaphors and very descriptive adjectives to make sure i can paint a picture as real to life as possible. This way it engrosses my audience and captivates them in such a way that they themselves believe they are there.

Evaluation: I suppose the best way to grade my narrative is to take a look at grammar, and how well the story carries itself. Feel free to post any opinions or constructive criticism. And if you didn't like my narrative, just give me an idea of how i could make it more appealing to you and others.

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