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Introduction and Conclusion

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Sorry guys, I would be of no use to you today. For the last two days I've had no voice and an infection of some kind. I'll just C&P what I have came up with, edit if you wish and throw some feedback on here. I'll edit it again with your feedback.




Marijuana, also known as weed, has been a controversial drug throughout history. It's legalization has caused buzz in the media for years now. For decades, parents have been telling their teenagers to say no to weed, and to avoid it, but we all know that eventually everyone experiments. Even if they aren't directly engaging, they are with friends who are, and therefore by proxy involved in the same activity. This vicious cycle has been happening for years upon years. Some of those same parents that preach about saying no to it actually secretly wish it would be legalized. Some believe that marijuana should be legalized simply because it's natural--it's a plant that emerged within ecosystems that predate our legal and medical systems. Marijuana in general is a very touchy topic and even has the power to split apart people within the same political party, but today we are here to stand tall on our beliefs about it. We believe as a collective whole that Marijuana should be legalized and with solid facts, firm beliefs, and credible evidence we will prove our point as one voice.




So now that you have the facts, the history, and truth about marijuana do you think it's as bad as some politicians make it out to be? Do you think it could do more harm than good? It's up to you to form your own opinion, but we hope that this explanation of why we think the way we do can help you form your own opinion about "reefer madness."

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