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In the beginning of the essay they asserted the longevity of the ban was largely in part to tobacco companies preaching slander about Cannibus. Following their thoughts on present day negative propoganda they considered the historical background for the ban. There were some very interesting facts presented such as the racist and bigoted statement that was presented to Congress prior to the ban on Cannibus.




The research conducted in this essay was very helpful to back their overall theme. It is very clear that a good deal of thought has been put into this essay by some members of the group. The toughest part about this assignment occurs on two fronts in my opinion. The first "front" I speak of is on an individual basis. That is individually, team members researching ideas and applying them to paper, or in the wiki in this case. The second is formulating a cohesive, fluent essay with ideas brought by all the individuals in the group.




Before I get into the "meat" I would like to stipulate that my conclusion is based off my opinion as a reader. As a reader, I think the research conducted proved facts that were enlightening on the topic. I give a large amount of credit to the individuals of the team whom researched these topics. However, I think the fluidity of the piece needs a little work. Not a lot, maybe just a little cutting and pasting. I understand that some members of the group were absent due to illness or the like during the formulation of this essay. This being said, and I not being one to merely provide negative input and turn my back on others plight, would like to decline grading the work and instead provide a possible remix to help the group.


an outsiders thought

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