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Ian's Page

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Ok so I think I got everything figured out now.


As to this assignment about describing myself.. Somebody once said "there are two sides of every story and then there is the truth." Here's my side.


Im 24 yrs old and was born in Miami, FL. After the tragedy on September 11 I opted to join the military vice go to college right out of high school. I enlisted in the United States Navy were I was a mechanic on two Nuclear Fast Attack Submarines (one of them is described above). There were some very strenous and "nail biting" times and few very good ones as well, namely all the different places I have been which include Siapan, Guam, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and the North Pole (there is a pretty good video of a sub goin through ice in the menu above).


As to my personality, I am hot or cold but never warm in the sense that I am either extremely serious or extremely laid back. In my professional and student life I do crave structure and order which I largely attribute to the military as seen how the longer I have been out the less and less this is true.


What are my plans for the future? I have always been one of the most ambitious people anyone will ever meet. Along with a degree from college I am hoping to find something new to focus all my energy on.





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Hey man, I went ahead and posted all of the Mozilla stuff for you, tino, and anyone else who was interested.


Firefox Addons


That should definitely help out, and some of the additional things you may like as well.




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