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Ian's Evaluation

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 5 months ago

I would give Galina's Narrative an A, due by in large to two reasons. First and foremost, even though it might be considered unorthodox, I like to congratulate the serious effort. Galina is a foreign national who was able to construct a legible Narrative with a shaky grasp on the English Language. That must have taken a considerable amount of effort and frustration and I applaud that. I chose to link Sara and myself's remix's to it for the sake of clarification of the story, not in an attempt to undermine Galina's.


Secondly, I really liked how she had the idea to connect the two topics of her comming to America being a "blank slate" and her take on how we treat the elderly. We have discussed in class the idea behind "depatterning" ourselves and I think she exemplified that theory her whole story by her fresh, unbiased take on matters.


Overall, great train of thought and even better effort to tell it in a language that is as foreign to her as Russian is to me.

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