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Ian's Cover Sheet

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Cover Sheet


Rationale: I wrote this narrative because I have always had a love of history, but I often felt that your average, everyday, hardworking individuals that participated in key events are always overlooked. I wanted to bring them the attention they deserve and an awareness to readers whom might night not have considered the impact of regular individuals. I believe this day in age we have a very disturbing thought process in which people tend to lean toward feelings such as "I don't vote, because one vote doesn't really matter in the end."


Invention: The idea to write this story came to me on Martin Luther King Day. I was relaxing in front of the television, watching reruns Dr. King's different speaches. I started to wonder what other circumstances went into the Civil Rights Movement. I found myself starting to think of all the "little people" that contributed to the movement. I felt they ought to have some recognition, and out of that mindset this narrative started to take shape.


Composition: This narrative is written with two basic consepts in mind. One of my favorite authors is man by the name of Nelson Deville. He writes mysteries, which are usually not my favorite genre, but he writes in such a way that after the first sentence you feel like he is sitting write next to you, drinking a beer and telling a story. That is what I strike out to do. I want the reader to forget he is reading and just "flow" with the story.


The second consept I speak of is what I have coined "the action and evaluation approach to story telling". I write of something that happened followed in the next paragraph by an evaluaton of what happened. During the evaluation I attempt to lay the foundation of the next set of ideas in the following action. There is a purposeful gap in the timeline to let the reader grasp the magnitude of the subject previously addressed.


Evalution: I believe that every American should be able to interperet this narrative. It is a fundamental piece of our history. I would like people to grasp the point I was attempting to get accross without sounding like I was lecturing them.




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