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Garner Status

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 5 months ago

Okay, after a week I finally got my Wiki page up and running.



At first I thought that it would suck, but its really not that bad.

After the substitute walked the class through it, I realized that its really nothing and its pretty much like myspace.

The sub was cool and seemed to be a real big fan of Professor Trey.


A little about myself!!!

Well I never would of thought that I would really be in college.

My plan was to go to the Air Force and then become a Law Enforcement Officer.

Moms wasn't really hearing it so I applied here and got accepted.


So far So Good, I've been making good grades and I met my current Girlfriend!

I definitely see us being in a long term relationship.

She's great and everything I never knew I wanted...(I know that sounded Korny as hell)

She's Haitan and speaks the native language Creole. (Its Sexy as hell to hear her speak it)



My second love (besides my girl and my family) is BASKETBALL!!!(And I Accept all Challengers)

Its kind of funny because it wass actually a girl who was the one to first put a ball in my hands.

She went on to play for FAMU and was like 8 years older than me.


I'm basically a street baller, but Marcus Berry( USF FITNESS COORDINATOR)saw me play and wants me to travel to Gainsville,North Carolina, and possibly Ohio to play in Tournaments on USF behalf.

This semester was really my first time playing organized ball, and it was hard to adjust at first but I'm getting the hang of it.


Since I'm in College, I'm going to make the best of it!


My major is Criminal justice...Still going for that Law Enforcement Officer!

Recently I've been thinking to maybe take a minor in education.



I've also been contemplating on going to Barber School! They get paid descently, plus I'm a very sociable and personable character.

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