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For Marijuana

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago

So I've heard that while I wasn't at class last week JC wasn't as well and Drew was ninja'd from us! Therefore this is my little page about what I feel.


After studying and looking at all the pages posted on the wiki, namely these ones: Education Regulation facts about weed I've made my decision on my point of view. (I happened to actually see the Lewis Black show, and it was actually pretty factual. Funny, but factual.) Comparing weed to alcohol is a good way to prove just how "harmless" (I use this term loosely) it really is.


I believe it should be legalized, it has a lot of medicinal uses. Talking to a few people, I asked why they chose to use weed and the number one reason was to cope with stress. Some people refuse to take medications that mess with their body and rather choose something that's natural. Sure it's illegal, but if you're not stupid, you can still use it within your own home. I know it's not addictive because someone in my family uses it, and she's in her 50s now. She started smoking weed when she was in her teen years in the 1970s. (You know, the age of the "free spirits") To this day she is not addicted and can pick it up or drop it whenever she feels like, with years between uses. I think that alone says everything. If anyone tries to claim addiction, then it's purely psychological and only comes with certain cases. I don't believe that weed is a gateway drug, that's just another scare tactic people use to deter use of it.


If they would stop filling prisons with people who smoke or have possession of weed, we'd have enough space to throw real offenders in there such as child molesters instead of letting them wander the streets and prey on innocent kids. It angers me to no end when

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