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Final Rebuttal

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First of all, let's stay focused on the topic. This paper is about guns, not marijuana. It's a completely different subject. If your trying to contrast something illegal to guns, why don't you try something just as severe.

Now you say "A gun is only dangerous if the person handling the gun is looking to inflict harm on others." But what could you possibly do with a gun besides having the motive of inflicting harm on others? This includes owning a gun for home safety. If you own a gun, you are accepting the fact that one day, you possibly will use it. Even if it's a thief breaking into your home. Shooting them would be considered inflicting harm. And when you say we have made guns into what they are now.. what are they? I would have liked a bit more evidence behind this statement. I agree with the fact that the person behind the gun should be the one to blame for their actions-- not the actual weapon. I wouldn't say the problem is THAT clear though, I feel that there is much more to this than criminals.. kids pull triggers, those that are desperate pull triggers. It comes down to what the driving force is behind the action. Some law-abiding citizens DO in fact pull triggers on others. People with completely clean slates can pull the trigger. Again, never assume. Criminals are not the only people who get their hands on guns, reiteration of this with little to no evidence or factual information was a bad idea. Also keep in mind that not every gun that is used has harmful intent but can cause it.


"Usage of guns will be safer and will have a more positive affect in our lives." How could guns EVER have a positive affect in our lives? I just don't understand that at all.

"the more opportunities that those people should be given to be educated." The people that will accept being educated are not our problem. In fact, gun training classes are available today, and some are even free. It's the people that refuse that we have to worry about. Yeah great let's teach all the people that are already not a threat how to use a gun, even if they already know how, but how are we going to teach the criminals that won't listen? Guns that are obtained illegally, don't require a permit or any knowledge of the gun.

"I think that if those issued guns are required to attain those skills, they won’t be such a risk and danger to the community." Those who are issued guns are not a problem. It's the ones who buy them off the black market that are a danger to the community. This is because the dealer doesn't care about what is done after he sells the gun, only about the initial transaction. It's unfortunate that we live in a world such as this, but you can't make everyone care. A majority of the people think gun companies should be required to have safety devices, like trigger locks on weapons to make sure they can’t be fired by anyone but the owner. Guns that are usually sold on the black market are modified to be deadly. They are not made to be safe. While the gun originally had that lock, it has now been taken off. Anyone with internet and half a brain to use a search engine can figure out how to modify a gun. They also think guns should be subjected to consumer safety regulations which would make sure guns are supposed to work the way they should and are put together correctly. Even if America does these things it doesn't mean that it is going to prevent people from shooting each other. It isn't just criminals that kill people, it is everyone. Also alot of times you hear in the news that a young child got a hold of a gun and he/she accidentally shot someone. The guns that children get a hold of are usually ones that the parents leave in the house, so if people weren't allowed to obtain a firearm then children wouldn't have such an easy access to guns. Also one doesn't just see guns being used against other people but it is also used in suicides.


"We should try to instill the desirable morals and ethics into the students of today’s high schools, so that by the time they are old enough to be eligible to acquire a gun, they will already have the right mind set"

The desirable ethics and morals would be the want to have nothing to do with guns. If we could instill that in the next generation, then this would be a much more peaceful country.

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