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feb 21

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 4 months ago

ok so i guess ill just stick to blogging since i cant do much else. i wonder how many people are already sick of the year 2008 like i am. this year has been the biggest piece of shit year ever. Family problems, deaths, relationship issues, broken bones, illnesses, everything just seems to want to make its way to me before the end of this year. what the hell, i wish that everything last year or the year before would have went the way i wanted it to. instead i listenend to other people such as my parents and now my life makes me look like im a failure. i never was before when i was making the decisions, now i am when i try to make everyone else happy. Between work and school and everything else and everyone else im surprised ive let myself live this long. i know people have it worse than me and thats why i try to still keep going, but this all is getting a little rediculous. life is getting a little rediculous. i forgot why im even living.

dont take this blog the wrong way i just need to vent and this was how i decided to do it.

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