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facts about weed

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The facts about weed


marijuana is a non addictive drug

marijuana smoke has limited if any affect on the lungs

marijuana has never been proven to be the cause of someone's death

marijuana is used by many people ranging from the ages of 15 to 29

big tobacco funds the majority of anti-marijuana ads

marijuana is a depressant and therefore slows down the body and causes people to simply want to relax

illegal sales of marijuana funds gangs

marijuana is already legal in 10 states medically and one state recreationally

marijuana is unable to be taxed or regulated by the government due to its illegal status.

in some states if caught smoking marijuana in public you simply receive a fine or summons much like consuming alcohol in public (new york)

can be used to make paper, clothing, rope and other products not just for smoking.

the main argument against marijuana is that it is illegal.

alcohol is more deadly than marijuana, but for some reason is legal.

a person doesn't need to go to classes or meetings to stop smoking weed.

can cause some short term memory loss if used over a long period of time.

in 1760 in the state of arkansas you could be fined for not growing hemp

hemp is america's number one cash crop (but we still can't tax it)


group members please add.


One of the biggest things that doesn't make sense about marijuana being illegal is that the government is missing out on a huge deal of money they could be making off of taxing the sale of marijuana. Just by taxing it they could make millions if not more and indirectly raise the sale price of marijuana which could in turn make it so that less people could afford it. It'd become more like in some states that have a tobacco tax, a pack of cigarettes costs $5 or more. That in itself could fix so many problems. They could put most of that tax money towards funding homeless shelters or helping out those on welfare and etc.

The only reason alcohol is legal and marijuana isn't is because the citizens of the united states have been boozing since they landed here and started colonizing.

If you've seen any of those anti-marijuana commercials, they may seem funny or stupid. In all actuality, all they are saying bad about marijuana is that you just sit there on your couch with friends and watch tv. Is that such a bad thing to do every once in a while? Just sitting there and having a good time with your friends in your own house not causing harm. Thats what they're saying is bad? Compared to alcohol where you get drunk, do stupid things that could lead to violence or worse and yet you can go OUT to somewhere and get plastered there. Doesn't make sense does it? Being drunk around strangers and perhaps making mistakes that you'll regret for the rest of your life.



Im not sure how the groups were set up, since I missed class on tuesday, but I agree with everything you said.


And to the point about the lung affect, this can also be reduced greatly by using a vaporizer which can almost eliminate all problems.


Also, you cannot OD on marijuana, you can however get alcohol poisoning and die.

Honestly, the affects of alcohol on a persons body in terms of being "drunk" are no different from being "high".


Also it has already been proven that by using Hemp, which is a significant part of the plant itself but not a significant part of the smoking use could be used widely for MANY different products as a substitute base. The plant itself is much more easier to grow, you can grow it anywhere and the profit from 1 acre of marijuana to 1 acre of trees for example in terms of making paper, the marijuana hemp based paper will greatly exceed the output of trees based paper.



hemp can be genetically selected to "weed out" THC,

hemp seeds have nutritional value comparable to soy beans

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