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Evaluations of my Narrative

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 7 months ago

I give this an "A". The start gives a nice little preview of what we could expect to happen in the narrative. While it isn't the longest narrative out, what it lacks in length it makes up in heart. She displays her brothers clever ability of joke telling in a good light. Allowing us to delve into her normal days life of enjoying such things, even as small as one simple joke. Its a memorable story and a fun one to remix. Very easy to read and follow along with, delivering a good chuckle there at the end. Has a varied use of vocabulary and effective transitions. Only real error i could find was perhaps a typing error as it was just no space after a period in one sentence. Otherwise, an exemplary read.

Jc Remix Grid


I would give this Narrative an A, by in large due to the fact that she accomplished her the goal of the Narrative which was to make the reader feel just as shocked, and momentarily bewildered as she was when the act was actually occuring. I love how at the conclusion of the Narrative she did not give to much or too little information to accentuate the afore mentioned emotions. If I might make a suggestion as to future Narratives though, spice it up a little bit. Engage the reader in the beggining by either asking a question or elaborate on the setting a little bit more to draw them in.


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