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Evaluation's of Deeroo's Narrative

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Evaluation of Deeroo's Narrative


Sara Jane's Evalution:

I would give this narrative an "A". The narrative has a purpose, topic, and thesis that it states and sticks with throughout the story. It grabs the attention of the audience by the suspense grows during the narrative. The use of language throughout is well rounded. The narrative flows extremely and his use of transitions from paragraph to paragraph is good too. There was no use of any outside resources but I don't think it needed any because he was telling us something personal that happened in his life. This narrative was more about how each character felt. Each paragraph is well controlled by topic sentences as well as examples. The narrative blends with as it moves from an image to something that is still. Transitions from each paragraph made the story flow together better. Etho, logos, and pathos are demonstrated throughout this narrative as well.



Josh's evaluation of Drew's Portfolio

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