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Erex's Evaluation of JC's Narrative

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 7 months ago

As soon as i started readin Jc's Narrative i could feel the medieval atmosphere. Even the first sentence is structured so beautifully it makes you want to keep reading. Why are these people sitting outside on a cold night around a fire? That's your first question and he answers it immediately then brings about another so you have a strong desire to continue reading. He is definately catering to the audience and that creates respect, or ethos. The pathos is evident in his passionate style. He uses extreme expressions such as "to fall to my knees and double over from the excruciating pain caused by it" and "Screeching in what seemed like unbearable pain."

The only criticism I have is that he never revealed what the purpose of the incantation was. I would guess for extra protection but i'm not sure. And I would also suggest the metaphor of the squirrel's fate and the knights be left unexplained for the reader to figure out for themselves. A foreshadowing device.


So after analyzing this paper, i would give JC an A!

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