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My brother has always been a good storyteller, especially when it comes to jokes. One day, my friend Auzzie, my brother, Alec, and I were sitting on the back porch telling funny stories to each other when Alec raised his hand for silence.

"This is a clever one I heard the other day"

Auzzie and I leaned forward in anticipation because we both were aware of my brother's comedic abilities. He made sure we were both listening intently then began his joke:

"Once upon a time, there was a small fish named Alfred swimming in the vast ocean. He had been swimming for days and was starting to get a little weary so he began his search for a place to stay for the night. He noticed a majestic coral reef several feet ahead and made his way towards it. As he approached it, a large catfish darted out and blocked his entry, informing him that there was a hefty price to pay if he wanted to stay at this particularly elegant reef. When Alfred revealed to the catfish that he was just a poor wanderer, the catfish scoffed and asked him to leave. Alfred begged to be given a bed because his wife was pregnant and she was due within the next couple days. He had gone on a mission to find some nourishment for his lady in waiting because she had already gobbled up the stores he had saved. But the catfish felt no pity and sent him on his way. By the time he returned to his wife, she had already given birth to 500 little fishies....

At this point my brother stopped talking, looked at our faces, and started cracking up laughing. Auzzie and i just stared at Alec in bewilderment, waiting for the punchline and our cue to start laughing with him, but it never came, just his incessant tittering.

Eventually he calmed down enough to get a couple words out that were barely understandeable.

"Made....it...up.... hehhahwhhahwh"

Then it dawned on us. My brother had made the whole thing up, creating it as he went and we were sucked right into it.

The only thing we could do was start laughing with my brother until all of us had tears streaming down our faces and aching ribs.

Hey lets keep adding a paragraph to this story Turnage and make it crazy!!! I will start next.

Alfred needed a home "a-sap" until one day as he was swimming around the coral reef he found a colorful, beautiful and a safe home for his wife and children. He swam as fast as his little flippers could take him back to his wife to tell her the good news. His wife was ecstatic about the news that they moved in that day. It was hard to get the babies to the new home because they were vulnerable to the big fish. To the big fish they were dinner. On there way to the new house Alfred and his wife kept a good eye out for the big fish but not the good because suddenly they were attacked by a herd of cat fish. Alfred had great courage protecting his family but only 3 out of 500 hundred fish surveyed.

Sara Jane

"Come closer." said the fish. "I have a tale to tell, and you shall come to know it well." "Who are you?" I replied. "My name is Alfred the fish." he answered. "Please continue Mr. Alfred." i said. "Very well then. One day as i was searching high and low for a home for me and my pregnant wife, something happened. I spotted a beautiful reef beyond words was such that as i swam closer, a giant hand plunged forth into the water and scooped me up. It raised me high above the water to come eye to eye with a giant beast of sorts. It had long white hair and a braided beard. He also was wielding a trident if i recall correctly. 'This reef is not for you little fish, for you i have made something much more fitting.' he boomed. 'Oh mighty one, what is it that you speak of?' I asked. 'You shall see my child, you shall see.' he said as he hurled me back to the depths. As i swam back towards my wife i heard in my head 'That which you seek is criss-cross and the dirtiest of muck color.' I finally reached my wife to tell her the news and saw the thing he spoke of. Looming there in the water with gaps and all, was what the mighty one had told me of. We hurriedly sped towards it and made it just in time as it was lifted towards the heavens. Floating above the glistening water, we were quickly placed upon solid ground." "This is well and all, but i have much work to do." I interrupted. "Well, who are you that has too much work to hear a story from an old fish?" Alfred inquired. "I am he, the one which sails the seas with the mightiest of criss-cross and seeks those such as yourself." I replied. "I still don't quite understand good sir." said Alfred. "Well to be short with it, I'm a......fisherman" I said laughing.


YES! This is how we do this, keep it up, yup.





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