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Emily's Rereremix of Ksauns Narrative

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It was a quiet night, save the subtle chirp of grasshoppers singing their sad song outside of my window. There was a cool breeze pushing my curtains open and circulating around the pale pink room. The sun was setting in the distance, daylight's playtime had almost expired. Inside a quaint little house was a young girl about the age of six. Sitting in her room, she lovingly gripped a flat plastic and wired object. What was it? Was it a Barbie brush? A fake makeup kit? No, none of the stereotypical playthings a little girl in the past would have been captivated by. It was a controller to her Nintendo gaming system that she loved and adored. At this very moment, she was rapidly deflating her poor father's ego as she schooled him in Mortal Kombat. Yes, that's right, this was no ordinary little girl. This was a born and raised gamer. Ever since she could even wiggle her tiny opposable thumb, she used it to beat any game she could lay her hands on. From Duck Hunt to the ever so popular Mario, she played, beat and then played again to unlock and find every secret she could. This wasn't the age of technology. There were walk-throughs, but none that she knew of. With the encouragement of her mother, she honed her skills until she was unbeatable.


Starting with a small cheshire-cattish grin, her face soon exploded with laughter after defeating her father. She raised her hands in the air and screamed with glee. This daughter was his hardest opponent, always neck and neck. Mortal Kombat was his prided game, which he related to the game 'King of the mountain'. After her success, she nonchalantly tossed the controller on the floor and began her well-earned victory dance. In response, her dad rolled his eyes and spoke in a sarcastic tone,

"Kid, you got lucky. For all you knew I was just going easy on you."


Unaffected by his lame excuses, she crossed her arms and retaliated to his weak defense,

"You're just mad because a girl beat you!"

Chuckling, he shrugged off the little one's comment

"Kid, come back to me when you learn how to block and not just swing. I could have annihilated you, but I let you have your fun. It's time for bed now. Put the controller down and go brush your teeth."

Huffing at his critique on her performance, she stuffed the controllers into a box and pushed the system under her bed. She stood up, and made her way to her bathroom, which was adorned with the famed Mario.

"Just you wait dad. Some day I'll beat you and not even let you land a hit on me". Smirking, she reached up and gave him a tight squeeze.

"Good Night Sweetie, we'll see about that." He stood up and turned around to walk out. As soon as he flipped the light switch, she was already dreaming of her next video-game conquest against her father.


That fated battle never occurred though. Even now, the young woman looks back on her childhood and shrugs it off as nothing but a jaded memory. The father and mother got divorced, and she spent the rest of her time with just her mother and the games.




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