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each of us will create an icon

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Here's another way to consider images when composing for specific audiences--the relationship between images and words in a document, page, or web space.


In chapter two, "The Vocabulary of Comics," McCloud details the communicative force of icons, and argues that society regularly produces new symbols and iconography in diverse media. On page 49, McCloud seems to suggest that we can produce icons by manipulating the gradient between pictures and words, that is, by making pictures more like words and words more like pictures.


1. For your next blog, find an image and make it into an icon by putting it together with a definitional claim that builds on, works with, or in some way responds to a classmate's blog.


2. download the GIMP, an open source image remixer, and further simplify, streamline, or remix a classmate's icon, and blog about the new directions, movements and ideas you experienced in the process of your remix.



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