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Dontae Cover Page

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Unit 1 Portfolio


1st remix


After three days of thinking about the embarrassment in parking lot, we were ready. After the entire neighborhood laughed at us for losing to my older brother and his team , we were ready. The Sharks and I were ready to prove to our friends and the rest of the block that we still deserved to be the top team in our street. I spent the entire next few hours before the game going through the plays in my head, thinking about every move I could make. Our moment of vengeance had finally arrived. It was time to erase any doubt, any memory of the last game we played. As I strapped on my skates I thought about everyone who doubted my ability and my team's ability to perform as a great team should. I could sense an unusual auroa before we played. I could feel it, our boys were ready to play. The smell of victory consumed me, I knew now was our time. The blood running through my veins was that not of nervous man but that of a man with confidence. I was ready, we were ready. We all knew what it was going to take to destroy our adversaries out there in the streets. As I stepped onto the ice I looked up to my dad for some sign of good luck. He gave me the thumbs up and told me to do my best.


2nd remix


The fire flickered in the darkness as we huddled around it hoping to fend off the night's horrific wrath. The black knight standing across from us looked as if he was going to attack but, he hesitated. Then the one that i had assumed to be their leader began to make move. He spoke, "don't worry Altiar, we'll make it back to headquarters soon enough. Once we reach there, we'll speak with the high council to find out the source of this problem." The knight called Altiar only continued to stare at the scorching flames of the fire as if he didn't hear anything. To us it seemed this small group of knights didn't feel very compelled to do anything then resign themselves to their own selfish ambitions. What I mean is the mysterious meaningless hunting of others that had been going on about a for many nights. Innocent people were getting murdered. Someone had to put a stop to this senseless violence. Knowone is sure what started it but, it soon spread like a wildfire causing knights to slaughter innocent people wherever they were seen. Not only was it ordinary people being killed by these knights, but they were torturing civilians, toying with these people in ways you couldn't imagine. it went against everything we stood for. Many people tried to flee to safety but were cut down as they sprinted towards the countries borderline. After seeing this happen many times, people started to band together to fend off the black knights that hounded their every step. This is how this group of knights came to get there thrills by striking fear in others. We counted 11 knights and these guys were nomads, wanderes with no home, no place to go and all they knew was violence to get what they want. Lucky for us, our two strongest warriors with us were able to prevent the ruthless knights from taking over the country but the damage had been done, and only nine knights were able to be defeated. Now they were down to two knights, we knew the toughest battle was yet to come. Altiar just sat there with glazed eyes mesmerized by graceful skill of my brother and I, our strongest warriors. I figured my brother could use some rest since he drained most of strength in the previous battle. I offered to take their two strongest knights on single handedly. I knew it frustrated my brother being helpless but it was up to me know to finish this for good. I stood up, adjusted my sword belt, and placed my helm upon my head. I then drew my sword but their leader just stood there. He was completely still and then the second in command Altiar went to attack. He charged me with his blade ready to cut my head off but I ducked and swiftly countered and pierced my dagger through his heart. Now there was only one knight left but it was the leader. I had no idea what to expect. I drew my sword again but he still just stood there. He soon charged me attacking unrelentlessly. He was on the offense and would not let up. As we faught, I was in awe of his superb fighting skills. I wanted to ask who taught him the way of the sword. But the time for small talk was long gone and both of us were exhausted. He then made an unexpected move and withdrew his sword. Knowing he was outclassed in speed and power he surrendered. Putting an end to a war and a beginning to our friendship.


3rd remix


The day has finally arrived my bestfreind and me had tickets to the rucker. We were goning to get a chance to see a playground legend in person. He was our hero and words could not explain how I felt. The anticipation if this event had risen as high as the birds soaring above us. I was nervous but excited at the same time, because not only was I going to meet my idol but I was going to get the chance to run a few street games with him at the lengendary rucker parkin Manhattan, New York. I’ve been doing this for years, but the atmosphere surrounding this event was extroadinary. Over the years I’ve practiced my skills day in and day out, but if I didn't believe in myself today then none of that matters. I've watched these guys like Hotsauce, Half man half amazing on television but now it was gametime. All this time my love for the game is what drove me to this day, and if I failed to play the way I know I can, I would only be letting myself down. Now things are different. If I don’t step up to the plate I’m letting the whole team down and most importantly I would be letting myself down. I always expected nothing less than the best whenever I stepped on the court , but I had never been in this environment before. Once the game starts everyone is watching and once I touch the ball all eyes would shift to me. As I sat on the bench before the start my mind was filled with thoughts. I was shaking. I was very anxious to get started and get in flow of the game. Then one of the players, a streetball legend and my hero Skip to my Lou came up to me before the start and just said, "relax kid you'll do fine, don't worry about it." After he said that a certain calmness came over me and I knew if my teammates had confidence in me then I had to have confindence in myself. Once the game started i felt everyone's eyes watching me and my every move to try and stop me, to try and defend me. My oppenents watch to steal the ball, contest my jump shot, or get a rebound over me, anything that may help them get a win over my team. As tip-off was under way we got the first possesionand immidiately the ball was placed in my hands. I drove to the basket and quickly dished the ball to an open man he penetrated the lane and kicked the ball back out to me for the open jump shot, swish nothing but net. We scored first and took the early lead and that shook off any doubts in my mind that I had about not being able to play with these guys. The entire game was back and forth, each team trading baskets one after another. Then finally the final posseion and our team had the ball and it was again placed in my hands. Skip took the ball out from center court. He passed it in to me and I called for an isolation. I faked right crossed over to the left pulled up for the game winning shot. Swoosh, we celebrated in victory and congratulated eachother. It was the best feeling ever.

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