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Deeroo Narrative Cover Sheet

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While I was sitting in front of the television wondering about what is important to me, I thought about how amazing it felt to be loved by someone. I racked my brain for a few minutes, finding little instances that I remember from camp and then sat down at my computer and just ran with it. I let my fingers pound out at the keys for almost thirty minutes and then submitted a very rough copy of my narrative. Then I went back, after I saw that Ian had remixed it, and added a little bit of style to it and tried to make it come alive. This the real emotion came to my paper and it grew into what it is now.




I used some techniques that I picked up while reading short stories, and tried to never use a big word, when a small would work. This mix of different strategies I was taught in school and simplified writing is what i tried to use when creating my narrative.



When I write I try and use a fairly simplistic language and a ton of imagery. When writing this I threw in some metaphor to try and explain how I felt and a lot of imagery to try and make it come a live to the reader. I also used small anecdotes, instead of a long story, to show that it didn't matter what we were doing, because I was with her. I also tried to use some alliteration to bring a mumbling rhythm the second paragraph. I believe each word and device has a purpose and I'm happy with narrative I have created.



The best way, in my opinion, to grade my paper would be to see if it grabs you in the beginning, if it keeps your attention throughout, and if the ending leaves you satisfied. Along with that, look out for any grammar issues or misspelling. Other than that I hope you enjoy it.

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