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Combininf of stories!!

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One day as i was searching high and low for a home for me and my pregnant wife, something happened. I spotted a beautiful reef beyond words was such that as i swam closer, a giant hand plunged forth into the water and scooped me up. It raised me high above the water to come eye to eye with a giant beast of sorts. It had long white hair and a braided beard. He also was wielding a trident if i recall correctly


No one is sure what started it but, it soon spread like an infectious plague causing people to slaughter innocent knights wherever they were seen. Not only was it ordinary people trying to kill knights, but monsters and the undead worked side-by-side with these peasants. Many knights tried to flee to safety but were cut down as they trekked towards Chivalry's Bastion. After seeing this happen many times, knights started to band together to fend off the plethora of enemies that hounded their every step


An infectious plague was spreading around the villages that caused people to slaughter innocent knights. This group of knights were terrified. They were looking high and low for a safety zone. Suddenly the perfect place appeared before there eyes. This place was beyond words but when they took a closer look a giant hand plunged forth and grabbed one of the knights inside. We could hear the sounds of him chewing are partner to pieces. Without even a second to move this giant, orange creature appeared before our eyes. As the creature roared this vicious roar we were all mesmerized by the glistening white teeth. As we started to ride away on our stallions the creature started to breath fire . The horses were weeving in and out of trees so fast so that they wouln't be swallowed up by the fire blowing creature. Some made it alive but others frizzled up by the scorching fire.

Sara Jane


Yes, fantastic, you pull together three disparate scenes, each an exemplar of rich-description. Now, the next step: write between these scenes, connect them, make them into a sequence. Yes, yes, yes, keep going!


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