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"Camel Case from Inner Space" by Odessa and Trey


When we write in CamelCase, we create compound words, but we leave the first letter of each word-element capitalized. Why do we do this? Because most (but not all) wikis use this convention to make it easy for users to create new wiki "pages."


The Wikipedia entry for CamelCase lists these synonyms:


* BumpyCaps3

* BumpyCase

* CamelCaps

* CamelHumpedWord

* CapWords in Python 4

* CoolCaps

* mixedCase (for lowerCamelCase) in Python 4

* ClCl (Capital-lower Capital-lower) and sometimes ClC

* HumpBackNotation

* InterCaps

* InternalCapitalization

* Multicapitalization

* NerdCaps3

* WordCase

* WordMixing

* WordsStrungTogether or WordsRunTogether


kickin' it in all NerdCaps,



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