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So last friday i had to opportunity to play my first gig in st. pete at a small coffee shop George's Java House. It was an absolutely amazing, the owner was very nice and made me some soup and a sandwich for before i started playing. And then once my belly full and a couple more people came in to the relax coffee shop i started to play. The first song started off a little rough, i forgot some lyrics, but no harm no foul. As the night went on i became more and more relaxed playing some of my original (the favorite one's lyrics are post of my home page) and just jammin with the people there. And finally my set was finished and after i went outside to smoke a cigarette calm my nerves, i walk in to offers for chess matches and movie dates and queries of whether i would come back or not and how long i had been playing. It was at this point that i realized how rewarding sharing your music with others is and never again will i keep my music a secret.



Where is this place?


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