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Allie's Confused Paqe :)

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 5 months ago

did i do this riqht?? i'm so confused!!!

Yes!!! Allie, you made it!


Next, try and link your page to the Course Roster page.


Then, head on over to the Course Calendar, and read JanEight and JanTen (including the links!). Then, play.


I will be on the wiki again later tonight. Post your questions here or at teh 1101 Help Forum Watch me now, as I sign my transmission,


♥I think i have it figured out. Now how do the assignments work?? I'm taking this one step at a time. :)♥




Good job, Allie. Now, for the assignments. Ok, read the prompts at JanEight and JanTen. Then, browse all the links at the Course Roster. Katie, Dontae, TigerPanda, and others are mapping the assignments already--these models will help you develop your own response to the prompts.



♥Hello, all!!♥

I'm Allie :] And this is my second attempt at Comp I. ((Sad, I know.)) I'm 18 years old and I'm from Vero Beach, Florida. I love makeup, Marines, music, Barbie, piercings, TatToos, Myspace, food, icons, napping, JESUS and hanging out. ((not in that order, but you get the idea!))

I'm not so big on homework, lying, drunk people, and tomatoes.

Besides all that...

I'm excited about this class! My last Comp I class was unbelievably lame. I love the website idea, because after I figure it all out, I know I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with it.

So, that's enough about me. I'm going to figure out how to put music and pictures on here now :] byee!!


...always makes me feel better...


...my friend, Byars, on his second tour in Iraq.


...both?¿ ;]


...oh yes...


...the little bro && me :]


...the fam...







...The friends...




...the "Boy Toy" :]

I'm off to the second assignment :]...still don't know how to put music on.

January 29, 2008


Once upon a time...




By this time, you might be wondering....


At last, ....



February 4, 2008


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Patty*. Patty was a good girl for the most part; she had lots of friends and usually did what she was supposed to do. The problem was, Patty smoked weed, and sometimes that didn't always work out well for her.

One day, Patty and her friend, Jimmy Neutron*, decided it was time to smoke a blunt. They sparked it up and chiefed away. Everything was going well until Jimmy's dad came home; that's when the problem started. See, Jimmy's dad needed a ride to the liquor store, and he couldn't drive because he had already been drinking. Seeing Patty sitting on the couch, naive to the fact that she was blazed out of her dome, Mr. Neutron* asked her if she would drive him to the liquor store. Not wanting to offend him, Patty obliged. She looked over at Jimmy, trying to get him to come along so it wouldn't be so awkward. Jimmy, however, completely ignored her plea. She was all alone, with Jimmy's dad.

So, off they went to the liquor store, making small talk and what not. Patty stayed focused on the road, being as careful as possible with Mr. Neutron's car. They arrived at the liquor store, he got his stuff, then they headed back home. All was well. That is until Patty got distracted by a cat on the side of the road and accidentally ran Mr. Neutron's car into a mail box...



Sara's Remix of Allie's Narrative


Rationale: okayy, i wrote this narative because i just thouqht it was one of the funniest, awkward thinqs that have ever happened to me, && i fiqured it would make a qood story, too bad i don't remember enouqh of that day to make it lonqer. :] l0l


Invention:the idea for this story came to me while i was hanqinq out with my friend jimmy. i was havinq a hard time cominq up with a narrative to write, && he and i were talkinq about that day, && i was like, "that's qoinq to be what my narative is about!" && so it was :]


Composition:oh qeeze. somebody help me with this one, because i just don't know!


Evalution:i don't understand this either! i need help! l0l but i am tryinq!



sarah jane:

As I sat on the bus headed to the state soccer championship, I thought about how I had changed since my freshman year. Originally captain of the junior varsity soccer team, I am currently one of the starting players for the varsity team. I still remember going to the first high school tryout for soccer. I was frightened and intimidated by all the girls, and the coach...especially the coach. Everyone told me that I would make the varsity team without a problem. Then that day came when we would find out who was on varsity. I was so nervous that the palms of my hands were sweating and my legs were shaking. Having played club soccer for over eight years, I really wanted to make the varsity team my freshman year. As I looked at the list, I couldn’t find my name anywhere until it appeared on the JV team. I was so upset with myself and with the coach that I thought about not playing soccer for the school at all.

I was thinking how embarrassing and pointless it was going to be playing on the JV team. That was until I made captain, I met the coach, and after we won all of our games. I also was asked to move up to help the varsity team during the middle of the year. To my surprise JV turned out to be okay. The following year, however, I was determined to make varsity. I thought I was going to since I moved up during the middle of the year when I was a freshman. Once again however, the varsity coach failed to choose me for the team. At this time I was upset and angry with the coach and myself. I didn’t understand what I had done wrong. When I talked with the coach, he told me I didn’t show enough effort in tryouts and he thought I would make a good role model for the JC girls. At this point, I hated the coach. I thought he was a rude individual who cared nothing for people’s feelings, and cared only about winning. Days went by until our first practice. When I arrived I learned that the coach moved a few girls down to JV and one girl up to varsity. Guess what. That girl was me! I was so excited, but I still hated the coach for putting me through all of that stress. To my surprise I also started some games. Towards the end of the session, I considered quitting the team. Playing on varsity was just not fun. The coach made me feel like I was in a boot camp. He didn’t care if we were hurt or sick; he just wanted us to practice, practice, and practice. He was all about winning and being the best team in the state. He pushed us until we were at the point of throwing up. The coach didn’t make soccer fun; he made it more like it was a job.

Junior year came fast and I decided to tryout and this time I made the varsity team. The whole team connected and not one person was left out. This year we worked hard but had fun at the same time. The coach was still the same, but I finally realized why he was so hard on us: He wanted us to be champions, and the only way to succeed and earn the name of champion is by working hard. If our coach didn’t push us until we dropped, didn’t have practice every day, and didn’t push us to be the best, then we wouldn’t be on a bus ride home from the state championship this very night. He taught me that you have to work to be a champion and that is what this team did together.


My Narative

I remember a time when my friends and I could hang out care free at the ice cream shop. Ever since the "incident", however, things just haven't been the same.

It all started right after our little league baseball team, the Saint Petersburg Sharks, had won the regionals and were now headed to the state finals. We had just arrived at the ice cream shop to celebrate. While our parents were ordering our food, Tom Johanson, the owner of the shop, came over to our table. Nobody was ready for what he was about to show us. He held in his hand an encased, autographed baseball signed by the great, Willie Mays. Also inside the case was a one of a kind Willie Mays baseball card. We were stunned. It was the perfect way to finish the day. It also had the guys looking forward to the post season.

The next morning, before practice, I headed over to my best friend Sam's house. As I was walking over there, I noticed Officer Lawrence talking with Mr. Johanson. At the time I thought nothing of it. During the next few days of practice I could see that Sam wasn't his usual sharp self. Finally, on the last practice before the big game, Sam cracked. He had actually stolen Mr. Johanson's Willie Mays baseball! I stayed up all night debating with myself on whether or not to turn Sam in. On top of it all I was still worried about the big game coming up! Over the next few days I didn't get a wink of sleep. I didn't know what to say to Sam, since he was my bestfriend. It was the day before the game and none of us wanted to hang out at the shop for fear of being accused. Things weren't normal now that we weren't able to hang out at the shop. Sam and I were misereable we didn't know what to do. On the day of the game our parents announced we would be eating our pregame meal at the ice cream shop and a sudden fear came over Sam and me. Thats when he knew we would needed to come clean. It was the hardest thing I had ever had to do. When we brought back the baseball we included a card which told Mr. Johanson what happened. He unwillingly forgave us and although we lost the state championship game things eventually returned to normal. Sam and I we were just happy to have our shop back.

February 13, 2008


Soo, i couldn't find anythinq on chris brown and whether or not he has AIDS, [[i'm thinkinq he doesn't, however, as it would probably be all over the myspace, tv, etc.]] However, i do have other news that i found rather interestinq :] the writer's strike is now over! now all of our favorite shows will be startinq back up aqain! anybody have any shows they're lookinq forward to watchinq? [ http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/02/12/arts/12strike.php ] here's a website to qet some more information on the subject. i'm workinq on findinq out what made them decide to end the strike, but so far i haven't been able to find the exact terms of the aqreement. sombody add on if you knowww :]

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Anonymous said

at 7:00 pm on Jan 8, 2008

Yes, you did!
Now decorate it, and make it more blog-worthy! Haha.

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